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Temporary Insanity

Well, the trip was more along the lines of a mixture between level 2 and level 3, but more 2.

Well, the trip was more along the lines of a mixture between level 2 and level 3, but more 2. It was about my 4th time taking them, my freind Cladio's 1st time, Jeff's 2nd, and Aidan's 2nd. Wow, what a time we had. It was Cladio's birthday and we waited all day in anticipation upon recieving the dry horrible tasting little fungi. It wasn't until about 1:30 am that we were actually able to ingest them. Prior we had smoked a few bowl packs. Me and Aidan were very thirsty so we went downstairs in Cladio's house to get Iced Tea for everyone, unwillingly we had to pass by Cladio's mom and sister. We got to the fridge and only about 10 minutes had passed before the intensly potent confucious' shrooms began to kick in. Pouring the drink I liked to Aidan in mass confusion and laughed we controlled ourselves enough to get upstairs back to the seemingly large room. Passed out the drinks and the fun kicked in...Cladio, Jeff, and myself were sitting on a bed in the corner of the room when I began to lose my mind stuttering words and spilling countless attempts to talk and nothing but nonsense came out. Cladio suddenly felt a strong sensation in his neck as if he'd been hit with a sledgehammer, nausia kicked in. Jeff turned to me and said let me see your pupils, "dialated as fuck," then the humility ensued. Aidan began walking around nervously sputtering "the room is really big, we're midgets in here," Jeff agreed and said we were in a doll house. We all began losing our minds. Everyone having their own conversations with one another, meanwhile noone was actually talking to each other about the same thing. We suddenly all got up and walked around looking at walls, and the lights, and the bugged out wave-like motions of the computer screen. We'd actually walk into one another and get pissed about it not knowing what the hell was going on, just complete insanity. Cladio, being untolerant of everyone and everything began yelling and cursing in every direction, while Jeff would nonstop laugh, same with Aidan, and myself just having tripped out conversations with myself and try to observe each person and label them as what I thought they were. Everyone began to get extremely ansy and walk around talking nonsense about going outside, another world unknown to us at the time, a horrorfilled black dimension with limitless possibilities. I tryed to contain myself and others by telling them there was no need to venture on into that black hell. Cladio ran downstairs and grabbed a roach, actually a good half sized joint. We all smoked and it calmed our nerves, stability set in momentarily, but then at the same time more insanity arose. Suddenly music started playing I stood up and felt a rave-like sensation over me and began to liquid dance like I never thought I could. Instantly Cladio busted out the ninja moves. Aidan and Jeff still ansy paced around the room trying to leave. "SQUAWCK" we all freaked out to the sound of the parrots just a story below. We ransacked the room without knowing what was happening, constant movement everywhere, walls melting and shifting, everyone walking around aimlessly crashing into one another talking to noone about nothing. So we decided to take an adventure. To the great outdoors we trecked. As we walked down the stairs in caution the only thing we saw was tunnel leading us to the door nothing but darkness all around. Everyone had a sweatshirt but me so i destroyed the foyer looking for one ripping clothes out of closets and leaving them to die and rest on the floor, "AHAH" got one so like the others I ventured outside. THE PEAK, everything went downhill from here. We were stuck in somewhat of a vaccuum force a "Mushroom Orb" as we call it. As we look at the cars the are no longer touching the gravel driveway, then our feet, nope they weren't touching ground either. In a way every single one of us connected and tripped out and saw all the same visuals and wierd sensations. We were huddled in a mass, then Aidan and Jeff tryed to go piss, I freaked, screaming we can't split up, you're breaking the orb, 'who in their sane mind would say such a thing' noone we weren't sane. Again we tryed conversing but nothing came out but madness and irrelevent gibberish. We trecked down onto the end of the driveway to the cul-de-sac. Oh NOOOOO! Mass confusion arises, we all begin to run, ducking and weaving, into bushes and trees. Suddenly the next door neighbors light goes on (mind you its now about 3 am and we are extremely loud and screaming and yelling with insane thoughts in our heads). I book it to the house leaving everyone behind, Cladio soon trails after then Aidan then Jeff. "Bad vibes are coming from being outside" I said so we all went back to the Alice and Wonderland rabbit hole we call Cladio's room. Aidan breaks out into a dripping sweat. We all start to cry, why? Who knows we may never we weren't in any state of mind. I suddenly connect with Cladio and understand everything he says..."buy 11 real roses and 1 fake, give it to the girl" Cladio says...soon after I say "I understand, so she'll have the fake rose forever to cherish" wierd how we instantly connected but as soon as we did confusion arose again and we hated each other. We sat in a circle, a pow-wow we had if you will. We tryed to talk to one another but it was insanity. Cladio began ranting about not having cigarettes, mind you he is addicted, this is where shit went even wierder. We had lapses, reoccuring loops. Cladio would rant about no cigarettes, then we'd discuss our trips and how we were coming down, then he'd rant again about cigarettes again, then again we talked about out trips and how we were coming down, it was till much later when we realized we had talked about the same two things loop after loop about 10 to 15 times. We thought we had come down, but oh were we ever wrong, tricky little things these shrooms are. We were still tripping just as hard as before maybe even worse the time is now 5 am, we took them at 1:30 am...what the fuck? Why are we still tripping so hard 4 1/2 hrs had passed what is going on? I had to leave to try and get some sleep before work at 9 am, and Aidan to had to leave. We walked towards the door but some force had held us from leaving for another 15 minutes. We both walked outside to our cars tripping just as hard and so the night ended. Never got any sleep for work and now its 11:50 pm and work sucked, and I'm running on two nights ago sleep. Cladio had been bugging out all day, slightly tripping and has been out of it, the same with Jeff, as for Aidan, well we don't know he didn't show up and we have yet to find out...

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