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Teacher gets schooled by an old friend

Let me preface this report with some background.

Let me preface this report with some background. I am a teacher and a father of two. In college I did alot of experimenting and had mostly enjoyable experiences with most drugs. I do not condone the use of any drugs including nicotine, caffeine, alcohol, paxil, etc. They all have the potential to have a negative effect on your life. I still drink beer and smoke some pot. Best policy is to never try any drugs/ alcohol, but if you feel the urge, be responsible.

Last saturday my wife and I attended a wedding where i knew that we would see our old college cronies and we were very excited. The wedding was great and the 4 or 5 of us from college were enjoying reminiscing and downing beers with some shots. PAUSE. Enter mushrooms. One man that we were drinking with pulls out a fat bagful and the 4 of us ingest a few grams each on a total whim. Now it was a race against the impending trip to make it to our friends' 1/4 million dollar home before it hits. We made it.

We felt almost ecstacy at first, we were dancing, singing, hugging, and having a great time. The just drunk husband of our host was not too fond of us but i knew he was a heavy drug user years ago and blocked him out. I did not expect to trip, but thought we would just go on feeling a bit stoned.

My first piss. I look down and the toilet looks very far away and my sprinkler is trying not to mess the floor. My aim is far off and i notice patterns emerging on the floor and breathing of the floor and walls. That is pretty cool and almost feels like greeting an old friend, i'm loving it.

Back out to the living room and the vibe is strange in a fun way. For the next two hours I experience a partial loss of "self" becoming a bit paranoid at times but embracing and enjoying it. I don't think anyone puts together a full sentence in this peak. My tag-line joke with my old college buddies is "I didn't sign up for this shit", we laugh hysterically at this as we only expected to feel a little high.

We emerge from the peak and finally can communicate. Another highlight is this gorgeous house. I could not sit in the living room without feeling like i was in an Ethan Allen showroom and the furniture all seemed fake.

In retrospect, i felt a little bit guilty because it was irresponsible of us to take these when we had a 3 hour ride home in the morning and work the next day. On the whole it was a good experience. This was the first time i trippped since studying buddhism and i emerged with just a little deeper understanding of the world even if it was brought on artificially. To all of you younger people out there, don't be in such a rush to experience everything so quickly. A less experienced me would not have enjoyed the unexpected potency of this trip. I now remember exactly what the word *trip* means.
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