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Tea Fairy

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We packed up and headed to the festival; music, camping, and beautiful people everywhere for 4 days straight. We set up our camp in the way back, almost secluded. Later on that night we discovered we had a fairy in our neck of the woods, someone had made us a nice batch of hot magic mushroom licorice tea. I had been hoping to try mushrooms on this trip, and the oppotunity had arisen. The instructions said to drink a full cup for new trippers, and a maximum of 3 cups.

Day 1:
I decided to only drink half of a cup, and I drank it slowly enjoying the great taste. After it started to kick it I felt an urge to leave camp and walk around. There was music and great energy everywhere which made me feel more alive than ever. I walked around where the mainstage was located looking at all the things people were selling. I ran across a bunch of little kids, all decked out in their hippie clothing. I must have stared at those kids forever. They put off the happiest energy out of anyone I had seen. I deicded that night that I want to work with kids in someway. I would randomly sit down in places and ponder and think, and all of a sudden I would have the greatest urge to get up and go, like there was someone or something I was looking for. Almost like I could feel my destiny, but I couldn't see it. I ended up back at camp and found another tea drinker, so we talked for a while and went to sleep.

Day 2:
The tea fairy had returned, and this time I decided to drink a full cup. After it kicked in, I immediatley got up and left everyone else at camp to walk around. It seemed to get dark really quick night, and I found myself in the park. There was an old man playing guitar on this bench, who just had an amazing voice. It felt as though he was sent there just for me to listen. After he finished a song I told him his voice was amazing, and he gave me a CD. He had such confidence while singing, but I could see he was shaking when he got the CD.
I headed to the mainstage again repeating the night before, looking for something, which I learned that night was a girl. I realized how lonely I had been, and then I needed a real girl, not all the fake ones in the city. I had a desire to fall in love with a girl who doesn't shave, and has dreadlocks. Day 2 was the day I realized what kind of girl I need, and why I haven't liked any girls for a while. I left the mainstage and found myself in a chill dome, with candles and lots of fluffy grass, it was relaxing, and after a while I was refreshed and left. I found a band setting up in the park around 10:30, stand up bass, mandolin, violin, and a killer percussion set up. After the main artist finished, a crowd of people gathered to watch them play, and after a while it thinned out. And that's when she showed up, what led me to believe in fate. She danced beautifully, her energy flowed into me and I started to dance. I had to tell her something, so I told her how beautifully she danced. Then the mushrooms told me I needed to walk back to camp. When I was almost home I discovered our neighbors drum circle, and tonight with the mushroom adding to my confidence, I went up, grabbed a drum, and played. I played for so long my hands felt like they were going to break open and bleed. I walked up the hill, and went to sleep.

Day 3:
I saw the girl from the night before early in the day, and we danced next to eachother for a while.
I drank the tea a little earlier this day, I was playing a drum and my friend handed me a cup tea, I drank it fast this time...and when I was all done I said "what a lovely tea party" and continued playing the drum. After we had all dranken a cup, a few of us had another half cup...bad idea for me. It kicked in really fast and I felt like I was in a video game, because I kept throwing cheerios at my friend and laughing uncontrollably. And then I got up and left again, except to night the tea seemed different, I walked really far and realized I HAD to go back to camp. I hoped and hoped everyone would still be there. Reality was gone, and It was freaking me out. I lay there unable to speak properly with a terrible feeling. It was like the feeling of being left out times 20. I felt like everyone was against me and no one really liked me, and that I was a fuck up. I went outside a few times, and felt like I was stuck in time because it wasn't getting any darker. The cheerios box had become so yellow I couldn't bare to look at it. So I forced myself to lay in my sleeping bag for a few hours until they wore off a bit. I walked around with some friends tonight, we ended up watching the band I had watched the previous night. I saw the girl again, she danced for a while..but I didn't want to attempt to talk to her, being as the mushrooms were still hitting pretty hard and I couldn't talk properly. I headed back to camp eventually and joined in on the drum circle once again. There weren't as many people, and at one time it was just me and this beautiful dread headed girl were playing...we would play off of eachother, it was most beautiful. I needed to sleep now.

Day 4:
A lot of people left the festival, the hardcore people stayed :p We ended up meeting the tea fairy, and talked for a while. I drank some tea that I had put in a bottle the previous day, I wasn't sure how much it was...but not a lot. I didn't really feel anything at all, my friend and I just walked around. We made it to the mainstage, and we smoked some herb, and all of a sudden the tea kicked in. It was just a little feeling, but the greatest of the 4. I realized the sun was setting right behind the stage, everything was lit very nicely. I turned to my friend and said "I have a feeling tonight is going to be the best night of all" Keller Williams was playing, and I was in a group of a bunch of people dancing, and all of a sudden he started singing the words, "all the freaky people make the beauty of the world" over and over again. And I looked around at everyone dancing, everyone so freaky and so beautiful in their own way, I saw everyones uniquness.
After Kellar was done, I felt the urge to go walk around, and I ended up finding this really rocking band. Everyone was dancing and so happy, I loved the guys. I could've easily stayed for the whole set, but something just pulled me away and said "hey go check out that stage" and so I did. And there she was, the dancing girl...2 feet in front of me, walking to the same stage. We got there and we were both dancing like crazy, and all of a sudden the band started singing the words "the end is the beginning." (The end of the festival is the beginning of something great, is what I took it as) The song ended and she walked away, fate is showing me so many signs I had to talk to her. She was far away now, so I ran to catch up. Our conversation went something like this. (she spoke in a quiet voice)

Me: Hi
Her: Smiles
Me: I just had to tell you again how beautifull you dance.
Her: Thank you, I love your dancing too.
Me: I love it when everyone dances.
Her: Yea, it's so great feeling the all the energy flowing.
Me: Did you have a nice festival:
Her: It was great.
Me: Where do you get to go home to?
Her: Eugene, how about you?
Me: Sacramento, What's your name?
Her: Elane, you?
Me: Brian
Her: It was nice to meet you, maybe I'll see you again.

And she gave me a hug, and we went our seperate ways. The shrooms had woren off by now, and my confidence was still through the roof. A tear came to my eye, and I couldn't stop smiling/laughing. The moment I had with her was just what I needed, even though it wasn't much, it meant so much.

So in the end what mushrooms did for me, was help me open up my eyes to what I want, and don't want. It made me believe not in pre-destination, but that there is this amazing energy that pulls things together, and there is some sort of fate, but if you learn to you can take control of fate.

I can't explain how much I loved my experience, even the night I had a bad trip was good in it's own way, especially for learning about what I want. When I do them in the future, it will always be in nature, and I will always make sure I have absolutley nothing to worry about.


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