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taste the rainbow

friggin hell, I am so pissed off, I was writing this damn thing and it decided to open up some god damned other windown and it erased everything I had to say.

friggin hell, I am so pissed off, I was writing this damn thing and it decided to open up some god damned other windown and it erased everything I had to say. Well damnit.
How about I just say, I took some shrooms and I never have before, and I dont know how much I took. I begain to get high, and the room I was sitting in, it became misty and smokey, and I said to my boyfriend, holy shit what's going on here? And he just started laughing at me. I started to get an adrenalin, and it sort of bothered me, becuase it was sort of when like I was on acid, and I didn't like acid that much, too intense. Anyways, I made a phone call, but I would not use his phone because it was black and I was convinced that black meant death, so I made him let me use his parents phone because it was white, and white was a beautiful color. We turned on the television and we were watching the discovery channel, and it was insane. Spiders are very interesting creature you know. Then I decided that I had to go out, we had to go outside adn see shit. So my boy toy took me out in the car, and I was sort of freaking out.So we went to McDonalds to meet a friend, and it was so like nice, in the cold air. I really had to pee, so I went over to one of those electrical boxes, and started peeing, but I remeber that I was really afraid to get electicuted. Then I started to get these unbearable stomach pains, like REALLY bad ones. So I wanted to go somewhere else, and when I got into the car, my boyfriends face was different colors. Purple, and green and stuff, it was strange. Anyhow, then when we got into the car, Britney Spears Stronger was playing, and well, if you knew me, you would know that I love to sing so much. So I was singing, and it was gay because it was one of HER songs, but I was like feeling the song, I felt dumb. THEN, I looked up and I said, hey there's an animal in the road...and it soirt of morphed then sceetered across the road, REALLy hard to explain.........but yeah. All the recycle bins were morphing and things looked really great. I remember that part being the best probably. This was about four hours into it, so I was starting to get to come down. I wanted orange juice, because I read that orange juice helps with c ome downs and stomach pains and shit. So I drank a about a litre of that almost, or so it seemed, and my stomach started to feel a ton better.
I was sitting in my boyfriend's house, and we then decided to turn on the tv, we were watching infomercials, and there was this one, it was seriously screwed up, it was an electrode machine that theses ladies paid like 300 dollars for and it like stretches your face and excercies the muscles, and it was kind of trippy to watch the machine workin on peope's faces and stuff. Then I wrote a letter to myself while on shrooms, because I do this whenever I do a new drug. I did it on LSD, but I lost that one =(
All in all, shrooms would have been better if I didn't panic so much, I needed someone with me that had done it before I think. Other than that, shrooms is probably a good choice of a trip

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