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Surprisingly Awesome

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Alone, in my house late at night while my father was deep alseep... A time and place where I feel very comfortable and safe.

At around 2:30 in the morning, I blended about 2 dry grams of P. Cubensis mushrooms with some OJ in the blender. I drank the mixture quickly, not minding the taste at all.
After finishing the drink, I put on my sandals and walked to the gas station a couple blocks away to buy a pack of cigarettes for my trip. While walking through the parking lot, a cop car pulled up and the policeman went inside. I smiled at the irony of the fact that I had just ingested an illegal substance, and here I was in a store with a cop!

Cigarettes bought, I walked back to my house, already starting to feel a little different. I was a bit surprised, as I wasn't sure if the shrooms I had would be enough to make me trip. I was in for a lot of surprises!
Before going inside I decided to take a walk around my neighborhood. A creeping feeling of happiness was coming over me as I walked. A smiled and breathed in the cool night air. The moon was out and shining bright, and stars sparkled in the sky.

By the time I got back to my house I was starting to trip. I grabbed an incense stick from my room and then decided to take it outside on my deck to play with it. I wanted to spend a lot of this trip outside.
The incense stick amazed me for quite a while! I held the end of the stick between my index finger and thumb, then twirled and waved it around at high speeds. The bright orange tracers it created against the night sky were indescribable!

As I played with the incense stick, My body started to feel weightless in a way. This feeling always occurs with me when I eat mushrooms. I put the incense down after a while and lit a cigarette. Even though I could see the cigarette in my hand, it didn't feel like I was holding it. It was such a weird feeling!
From my deck, I looked at a part of my lawn where the grass was bathed in light from a window in my house. At first it just looked normal, but as I stared at it, the green grass began to move and melt slightly. It no longer looked like grass really, but I don't know how to explain it.

I went back inside after a bit, and here a bad feeling assaulted me. Paranoia in a way; fear for no apparent reason. I stood still, unable to move or make any decisions. Confused mind loops whirled in my brain.
I think that the presence of my father in the house, even though he was sleeping, was affecting my trip in a way. So I decided to go outside and take another walk around the neighborhood.

Here is where things got really crazy! Being outside filled me with wonder, and my mouth gaped open with awe at everything I looked at. Walking correctly was a bit difficult in the state I was in, but I managed.
As I walked under a street lamp, I stared directly up into the light. When I looked away, a very bright red/orange/yellow afterglow image remained in my vision. It was very beautiful, and much clearer than the normal afterglow image from looking at a light. As I looked around, the ball of color seemed to float around my neighborhood like it was its own entity!

I began to feel waves of euphoria... I was really tripping now. Then suddenly, headlights appeared in front of me. I tried not to be scared, and moved to the sidewalk, trying to look nonchalant. I didn't understand why there would be a car driving around at around 4 in the morning.
But the car wasn't just driving down the road, it was creeping slowly towards me! I didn't know what was going on. I wondered if the car was real, even though I didn't think I could have a hallucination that clear.
All of the sudden, a man got out of the car and started RUNNING towards a house! I freaked out in my mind! I didn't know what was going on. Then I watched him RUN to another house, and I realized it was the newspaper delivery person!

I laughed at myself for getting so scared. I thought it was so funny that I was just walkin' around, trippin' like a fool in my head, and here was this guy delivering newspapers! I couldn't understand for the life of me why he was running the way he did... Everything was just so confusing to me!
Eventually I made it back to my house (after forgetting where I was for a second many times while walking) and sat on my front steps. Here I thought about a lot of things. First some random, philosophical stuff, then thoughts about my family and my relationship with my father and such. My train of thought started to get depressing, and I tried to make myself stop. I felt overwhelmed.

I lit a cigarette and tried to just look around me and remain calm. Trees were blowing in the wind, and their leaves and limbs looked so strange in the dark. My vision was overlayed with what looked like colored pixels from a computer screen. Everything I looked at seemed fake in a way, as if life was just a giant electronic simulation.
After finishing the cigarette I went to my room to listen to some music in the dark with my headphones. This was the BEST part of the trip! I let random songs play from my computer, and I turned on the flame visualization thing for RealJukebox. It looked so amazing!
And the music became part of me; part of my being! It was great... I really got into every song that came on. I danced, I grooved, I smiled, I cried tears of utter joy and happiness and euphoria! This was definitely my peak!

When I finally stopped grooving with the music, it was about 6 oclock in the morning. I saw from my window that the sky outside had become light. I didn't feel tired though. I felt awake, refreshed, energetic... But most of all happy. I realized that life is great! I really gained a new lust for life from this trip.
I spent my time coming down by talking to some friends online about my trip and random other things that I had pondered and thought about while tripping. It was nice and comforting to talk to someone about my experience while I came down.

This was my third real trip, and although it was not my strongest one, I think it was definitely my favorite! I was surprised that the mushrooms I took affected me so strongly because I wasn't expecting much when I took them. It was sort of a spur of the moment thing.
I hope you enjoyed my trip report and gained something from reading it! FEED YOUR SOUL, EXPAND YOUR MIND, AND LUST FOR LIFE! :)


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