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Sunny Day

This was my first time trip so excuse the ignorance.

This was my first time trip so excuse the ignorance. My friends arrived at my house about 1/2 1. Took about 14 grams of fresh psilocybe mushrooms (this is only a rough guess. My mate bought a box of 20 grams and I ate about 3/4 or thereabouts) while they rolled some joints. The taste was just like a normal mushroom but with a bit of a bitter aftertaste. I ate some sweets to keep my blood sugar level up as my mate recommended me. What follows is the account of what happened and what I thought.

Cruising down the motorway, Jimi Hendrix blasting out of the speakers; the trip hasn't started yet but I'm already feeling so awesome. It's the best weather I've seen in a long time; sunny and perfectly warm. We drop my mate's car at his house then we begin the long walk to Sefton Park where I'll be tripping and my mates smoking. Things don't kick in until about halfway when I start giggling like a maniac. As we start approaching Sefton Park I can feel them starting to take some great effect. I realised the impossibility of truth existing in this world. The search for it is pointless. It will only do more harm than good.

As we are walking through the park it's amazing I feel at one with nature. I take the cheap plastic ball we purchased from a nearby shop and stand in the middle of a field with it held up against the sun; it's fully transparent. On we must go. Walking underneath trees I look up and see the sun through the branches; clear but in some way distorted like what I'm seeing is a snapshot of something which I shouldn't really be seeing.

We end up walking around the lake. Its strange. It feels as through I'm walking against the current. I want to stop for hours and let the blurry, crystalline majesty envelop me and take me away. We see a lone fisherman; who cares if he catches anything. Does he know if there's going to be a fish? No. Ignorance is bliss.

We find the perfect spot and just while away the hours lying on soft grass. I just lay back most the time smiling and staring off into space. The sky eveloped me at one point and all I could see was blue. Then a fish eye vision of my mates appeared in the corner of my eye so I sit up and see the beauty of nature. Everything is hazy with sun glare and I hear the echoes of children playing in the sun drift into my ears.

How long did we spend there? God knows. Hours of sitting laughing, talking and staring.

I'd like to say I saw God. I'd like to say I transcended and saw it all. I'd like to say I hallucinated. I didn't. I just saw what was around me but truly saw it. The beauty of nature, the way a tree catches the sunlight, the rippling of water. The comedown was pretty bad. Most of it came on when I was walking home through a built up area. I started to get a bit paranoid, which wasn't really helped by what seemed like a constant row of cars beeping their horns at me and shouting out the window 'Get a haircut hippy!' as I walked past.

Overall it was a great trip - I really did have an epiphany about nature but the comedown seemed pretty bad. I attribute this to spending the day in a beautiful nature park in the sun and then having to come home to a built up busy suburb.

Apologies for any indiscrepencies about technical stuff - I'm only a novice really.

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