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Streets (First Time)

About two weeks ago, after much trouble and time(getting shrooms can be ifficult in my area), I finally obtained an eigth of shrooms for myself and my best friend (we will call him Will).

About two weeks ago, after much trouble and time(getting shrooms can be ifficult in my area), I finally obtained an eigth of shrooms for myself and my best friend (we will call him Will). Around 12:30 I went to his house. He lives in the suburbs near a nice little developement. We had bought sum orange juice to wash the shrooms down and commenced the ritual. We began by taking the first bite together and continued as such, leaving the last cap we each had for our last bite. I must say and Will said as well that the mushrooms did not taste nearly as bad as everyone had said. When we had finished, we promised that we would always buy orange juice for our trip and alway eat them at the same time. Not only was this symbolic but it allowed our trips to start at the same time.

So I laid back on the waterbed and Will got on AOL and we waited for the trip to start. After about 45 minutes nothing was still happening and we attributed this to the fact that we had eated tacos before. I was getting bored and impatient.

(I must make a sidenote at this point: I really think the trip would have began much more smoothly if we had had a fun thing to do while waiting. I think this would have made the trip not as forced and the impatience would not existed to have a negative effect)

Now to continue on.... I decided that maybe if I went to the bathroom in the dark something would happen. I am very glad I thought of that! On the way there I experienced what I call "wind-shifts." The best way to describe what they are is to imagine that there is a two foot square in front of you. That square stays there and everything around it rushes by; as that happens, a rushing sound is heard like wind. It is very quick and can be likened to getting up very fast with "extra oomph." So on the way back to the room I was laughing. Will asked what was funny and I told that my trip was coming on. He just laughed and then I said that he should go to the bathroom cause the darkness was very cool. He did but didn't have the wind-shifts. After a time I wundered where he wuz. I went into the laundry room (which you had to go through to reach his room)and there Will was there alright, just standing watching the red light on the water heater and laughing. After this Will decided we should venture outside. We began walking, yet I didn't feel like I wuz walking; I wuz floating. It felt very good. Both Will and I saw the lights in people's yard in new ways: they each had soft beautiful auras and looked absolutely fabulous. As we walked we looked back and saw a blinking construction sign. I seemed very slow and though we were very far away both of us saw it as a huge glowing orange beacon, signifing our home. We walked through the developement and I felt so happy and free. A slight breeze seemed to move the houses. The trees shifted sideways rather than sway. Every once and awhile Will would stopped and stare at a shadow on a house or at the trees. When it started to rain, I felt each individual drop but at the same time it felt like only one drop. Will was walking dreamily down the street. We eventually made it all the way to the overpass (which is quite the distance from Will's humble abode). This part completely blew my mind. Being nighttime, the 18-wheelers had there running lights on. Each had lights going down the sides and along the top. They were racing under the bridge at around 70 miles and hour, but to use it seemed to fluxuate from a mere five to a thousand. The sound was incredible and the light were making trails like bright white and yellow streamers, pure and clean. I watched as the bigger trucks followed caravans of smaller cars. After we watched for a long time we finally headed home taking an alternated route because as we knew "the same is mundane." At one point we were walking on a dirt path and I looked up and saw that the trees there had created a web of branches above us. I stared at them for eons as they curled and shifted in what was only the slightest wind. Finally we got home and looked at the clock. Two hours had passed!! To me, it seemed like 20 minutes. We popped in Fantasia (excellent movie!) and chilled. What a wunderous night it had been and I look forward to my next time. In fact, this will be soon when we go to Baltimore and chomp on an eigth a piece!

Good night and happy tripping!

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