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straight up trippin

i know this is long but it was my first experience with shrooms ever and it was fuckin awesome so i hope you enjoy it the first time i ever did shrooms i was 14 and i had just heard about how people eat them for the inoxicating effects.

i know this is long but it was my first experience with shrooms ever and it was fuckin awesome so i hope you enjoy it

the first time i ever did shrooms i was 14 and i had just heard about how people eat them for the inoxicating effects. i had smoked weed before and a lot of it but it was the only drug i had ever tried so of course i was sceptical about trying something like shrooms(all the dangers and what not) but against my beter judgment i did..... thank god!

one of guy friends we'll call him seth was coming to stay a friday night with me... my parents were out of town and no one would be there but us we had first just planned to get really stoned and smoke weed all night but he called me thursday and said his friend had some shrooms and wanted to know if i wanted in.... he had already agreed to buy some he told me he had tried them before and it was really awesome so i agreed.

we got to my house after school and had the shrooms delivered we each bought an eighth and we decided to put seths eighth into a big batch of shroom kool-aid and we'd both drink it evenly then with my eighth we'd split it and ate them raw. we also had about a half of weed to smoke so after we drink all the kool-aid and ate the rest we started smoking. about 2 blunts or 45 minutes later the shrooms started kickin in first it was just like a really good body high i didn't really know what to expect but seth assured me i hadn't seen the best of it yet it was still daylight probably about 6:30 so we decided to go outside it was june so it felt pretty nice we went and sat on the lounge chairs on the back deck and started talking about all sorts of random things and everything we talked about just seemed to make us laugh and laugh and laugh and about 20 minutes later it really hit me one thing i remember telling seth is you know how you can look at the sky or the clouds and see the earth rotating well i could see it doing that by lookin at the tops of trees which made him laugh for what seemed like forever thats when it started getting dark so we went back inside.

now my room is a very bright very colorful room and the visuals were aMaZiNg in there it was like i was living in a big rainbow i know that sounds dumb but its the only way i can describe all the amazing colors i was seeing then all of a sudden seths starts trippin bAd and thinks he will fall apart if he moves... he was laying on my bed i finally convinced him he wouldn't and he finally got up and rolled another blunt which we immediatly smoked afer that i was in the best mood ever seth couldn't quit laughing because i was jumping on the bed singing i love the colors the colors the colors i love the colors the colors oh yea. and believe me i was laughing too it was funny but the colors were so amazing and i just felt like singing i was so happy then from what seth says i suddenly just jumped off the bed and ran down stairs and started yelling get out of my house you just leave right now! seth comes running after me yelling who are you screaming at i didn't answer just kept yelling and,now, stomping the floor i finally told him i was yelling at the little people but their gone now so we went back upstairs where me and seth decided we were dolls that people made move and when we sleep its because the kids that own us get tired of playing with us and when we die the kids get too old for dolls and throw us away and we vanish into nothing after about an hour and a half of talking about this one subject seth rolled up another blunt and we smoked that afterwards we popped in alice in wonderland the best movie ever to watch on shrooms and then finally passed out about 6 hours after consuming the shrooms but before i feel asleep i remember thinking of all the good things in my life and just loving how everything was i was so happy and saticfied with everything i think i even told seth i love him and i'm pretty postive he said it back he thinks he did too!

when we woke up in the morning we both felt so refreshed we were so happy and couldn't wait to do shrooms again which we definitly decided to do them together again because our trip was so relaxed. hope you liked the story if you even finished it and good luck with your own experience just relax and think happy thoughts before you start tripping don't worry at all what you might experience and tell yourself it will be fun and you should trip good that what i did and you saw how great my experience was good luck and happy tripping!!!

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