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Stop smoking!

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Before describing my 'stop smoking' trip that took place at the New Year's party, let me tell you about the whole process of dialogue between me and shrooms, which effected in giving up my deadly habit.

I'm 22 and had been smoking for 7 years. I began with nicotin (cigarettes and a pipe), than started using MJ and hash, and stopped nicotin, as I felt bored it. However, I still smoked quite a lot MJ, mainly at parties and to induce flashbacks.

I began to use shrooms 3 months ago. I must add, that I enjoyed hunting them during my excursions in mountains very much: picking them helps you to understand their nature, and the place they grow is also a great place to eat them.

As we (me and my girl- K) collected quite a lot of them, we made shroom-sessions weekly, later we extended the intervals to 2 weeks. Sometimes we invited some of our friends to make an initiation, but we prefer to do it alone, as we can reach the state of 'being one mind'- I'd call that 'a psychedelic relationship'.

As we started the sessions, we both lost interest in MJ, and we gradually stopped smoking. I was quite happy with it, because I previously experienced serious lungs and throat problems due to strong afghan hash. I didn't smoke for more than month, but eventually I decided to smoke once at Christmas time. That was a mistake. The intoxication was very unpleasant, and I experienced physical and mental suffering even the next few days.

During the New Year's party we both ingested about 30 middle size semilanceata. The trip started with the usual effects, but as the soft visuals (I'd call that a level 2 trip) started to cease, I began to perceive a very unpleasant feeling in my lungs. It was like having two awful suppurative and putrefying pieces of meat in my chest. I immediately made a self-diagnose: the early stage of cancer. The pain grew in intensity causing me more and more suffering. All that time I was describing K my thoughts and sensations: I'll have to leave all the loved ones- someone may need me; I'll have to leave K without bringing up a child in the future; Being ill, I won't be able to fully explore the realm of Life; If I get seriously ill, I don't wanna beg for morphine- I've chosen to travel to Himalayas in search for death.

By the end of the nite I felt much better and joined the party with a new attitude to Life- being closer to death makes you respect and admire Life more. I think the shrooms deliberately showed me the pain experienced by the terminal cancer patient in order to warn me.

PS: I've made several experiments with ingesting cannabis (pancakes or dissolved in vegetable oil). This works pretty well: It turns on much slower, but lasts much longer; It's not so harsh and it comes 'from the inside', what makes it more acid-like.

Stay healthy in love!

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