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stoners guide to the trip

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[color:blue]adjust[/color] : Hi I’m here because I’m a criminal and I’m here to explain why
[color:red]s| LOLZ
[color:red]s| what you do
[color:blue]adjust[/color] : I eat magic mushrooms
[color:red]s| like that, say how can youget those, not easy to come by
[color:blue]adjust[/color] : Well, I grow them. Then I eat them.
[color:red]s| they taste like shit man
[color:blue]adjust[/color] : I have tasted many types of mushrooms, and magic mushrooms are not special when it comes to flavor. Some people say they gag at the taste, well they would also gag at the taste of many non-magic mushrooms.
[color:blue]adjust[/color] : Any more questions?
[color:red]s| do you blow chunks a lot or just get ill?
[color:blue]adjust[/color] : No, I have never been ill due to eating magic mushrooms. I have never felt sick or like I needed to throw up while eating magic mushrooms. Some people do get sick, for whatever reason I don’t.
[color:red]s| how you usually do it or ...eat them?
[color:blue]adjust[/color] : I blend up a cup of really concentrated OJ. Then I pick fresh mushrooms and put them in the OJ in the blender. I mix at the fastest setting for about two minutes. The juice becomes darker (a grayer orange). It tastes very good and the citric acid supposedly makes the mushrooms more potent.
[color:blue]adjust[/color] : You there?
[color:blue]adjust[/color] : Fuck man you listening?
[color:red]s| Yah yah, someone at the door.
[color:red]s| Ok what it like on the first time?
[color:blue]adjust[/color] : After you drink the juice nothing happens really, but it will. You have to be patient. Don’t think it isn’t working. It will work.
[color:blue]adjust[/color] : The first thing you’ll notice is a strange feeling. You will probably be scared. You may think that you can’t go through with it and want out. Maybe if you throw up now you will be spared anything further.
[color:blue]adjust[/color] : Just stay calm. It will pass. Take deep breaths, over and over and over. All you have to do is wait for time to pass. Because as time passes you will receive a PLEASANT SENSATION or BODY HIGH.
[color:red]s| like an orgasm or something>
[color:blue]adjust[/color] : HOWEVER, before you get the body high you will notice a few things. Number one your body will shake a bit, and your teeth may chatter. You may begin to twitch. You will become hyper like you’re a five year old who just ate a bunch of sugar and coffee.
[color:blue]adjust[/color] : This will freak you out but only lasts about 10 minutes. Then comes the PLEASANT SENSATION. This is where your trip begins.
[color:blue]adjust[/color] : In about 4 hours you will be back again, safe and sound.
[color:red]s| ok but what was your first trip like?
[color:blue]adjust[/color] : My first trip was very pleasant. It was just what I thought it would be and more. The one important thing I realized is that everything I was experiencing had been experienced by my father in the 70s. Hes a real uptight businessman now, but I know that he was probably just as confused as me when he dropped acid back then.
[color:blue]adjust[/color] : So in a way it was like a cycle and maybe I would have kids too, and they would eat shrooms and wonder at the same things. It was gorgeosity and yumyumyum.
[color:red]s| that’s not a very good trip report dude
[color:blue]adjust[/color] : Well I’m sorry but tripping doesn’t translate well into English.
[color:red]s| in fact it fucking sucks
[color:red]s| yah but did you see any sick shit or like halucinations
[color:blue]adjust[/color] : No I didn’t see anything like that. I felt a lot of weird feelings though.
[color:red]s| Do you get hungover or headache
[color:blue]adjust[/color] : Hmm, maybe a very slight headache, nothing really. Not at all like a hangover. In fact there is no comedown at all. Very gradual and warm. And once its over you can officially be a criminal just like me. It’s tough but worth it I think! Gotta go now.
[color:red]s| kthxbye

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