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sqealing monkies

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This happened maybe about 3 years ago when I went to visit some friends up at Michigan State.I'm putting it in now only because it didnt work the first time.Me and my friend Adam had this hippie friend Steve who came over one day with a huge bag of shrooms and asked if we wanted to try them,so we figured why the hell not?I live in Detroit and these things are damn near IMPOSSIBLE to get.I see them in the city like once every 2 years and they are scarce.But now that I got a new hook up im about to get some in a day or so.Anyways...we went up to MSU to try out our new product.We went for a walk and each ate about 2 dried grams and washed them down with some orange juice.We walked around looking for some fun but everything was lame that night,so we just went back to our friend Sara's dorm.From what my friend says,he didnt trip very hard,but I find this hard to believe,considering he was laughing for about 7 hours straight like a crackhead.For me it was a pretty intense trip.It was our first time.I first noticed the onset of the drug,when he threw a stuffed monkey at me and it hit me in the mellon.It squealed and scared the shit outta me.I told him if he ever did that again I was gonna beat his ass.Our other friends who didnt know what was going on were wondering why the hell I just wigged-out like that.The only response we could give them was some loud laughter.Along with the constant laughter the walls were all wavy and the hallways seemed REALLY long.We stood and watched a sign outside of this kids room for about an hour.It kept flashing at us and moving around.It was so intriguing.We were laughing so hard the kids in the room came out to see what was going on,but when they opened the door we hauled ass outta there.After this we kept comming back to it.Couldn't help it.Sure enough every time we went back,it was still flashing.Other shit happened like I tried to dial the phone,but couldn't because the numbers kept jumping around;very confusing,but funny as hell.Also like a dumbass I asked some girl why some of the lights were on and some of them were off.She looked at me like I was smokin rocks and told me they were all on.When I looked again,she was right.They all were on.WOOPS.The trip lasted for about 7 hours I think,but seemed like days.Durring the peak time was at a stand still.Once they wore off for the most part we went back to our friends place and watched Dazed and Confused.They both went to sleep but I was up and still kinda tripping to my surprise.I got scared and turned the lights on because the movie sounded like it was swirling around my head and I was seeing creepy shadows.Not scary to the point where I flipped out,but I didn't like it.
This was deffinatly one of the funnest nights I've ever had.I plan on doing them again on the 21st with about 10 other friends.Maybe I'll post a report from that night.If this one sucked,well,sorry.
...you can turn your back on a knife,but NEVER turn your back on a drug~

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