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Spur of the moment

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Time: 1pm
Place: Tampa, FL

The day started normal enough. I had the day off work and decided to go on a mush hunt around my town. For those of you unfamiliar with Tampa and the outlying communities there are a TON of cow fields. The town that I live in, Brandon, is literally built on what used to be Carrey Cattle and was at one point all cow field. I had found a few the night previous just looking around and was curious to see the first sprouts of the season. What luck! I sound a few and saved them up. I didnt get a lot because i was worried about being spotted parked on the side of the road so i left. After i had gotten some more the next day I went out to my freinds house to show him, and he wanted to try them out. With some hesitation I said alright lets make a tea. So we boiled em up and guzzled it down and smoked a blunt of dro to ease the come up.

After an hour we only just then began feeling the effects and after taking some nitrous we felt really good. That day he and his roomate decided to go sign leases at thier new apartment and we headed out there. S was driving so we had at least one sober person there. as P and S were talking to the leasing director I sat out side and that is when some more interesting stuff began to happen.

It wasnt intense because i dosed according to what i felt would be sufficient for the day. As i sat out in the parking lot the woods surrounding it became more appealing and i decided to go exploring. people kept driving by and i suppose they thought i was normal cuz i was just a kid smoking a ciggarrette. I was feeling a little dirty cuz i had been out in the florida heat all day and i just sat there wondering how p was doing inside trying to figure out all that paper work while on these things.

I wasnt expecting any visuals because of the low dose but i looked out at the trees and saw tree ppl dancing and hugging. it was amazing and i just sat and smiled. then i remembered as i looked at the neighborhood accross the street that that is where my dad works as a superintendent, and i thought , FUCK i hope i dont run into him, but remembered that i wasnt driving so he wouldnt even see me there.

we looked at his new apt and decided to head back, after grabbing a bite at chilis. I couldnt even eat the food.

Once back we smoked a little and decided to hit some more nitrous to kick the effects back in. We sat and listened to music for a while and still had some closed eye visuals.

Realizing that it was time to head home i said id call him up on word about some more mush later. We both agreed that it was time for a religious dose. . .

to be continued

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