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Spun out in the woods

My friend, Jack (name changed) and I came upon some excellent chocalates.

My friend, Jack (name changed) and I came upon some excellent chocalates. In fact, these were the best looking chocolates I've ever seen. Jack's was white chocolate and mine was dark chocolate. They smelled delicious, so we set ourselves up for a day when neither of us had to work.
Our setting was Jack's land, about 20 acres of amber grain fields and rampant woods. We munched down about 1 PM. Jack munched about 5 minutes before I did. We both started coming up immediately. When I say immediately I don't mean in about 15 or 30 minutes. I mean about 3 minutes after we ate them. It was amazing! I've never come up so fast and so hard. A strange energy started pulsing through my body. I felt an amazing body buzz similar to a synergy of opiates and pot but much more active and awake. We came up together for about 40 minutes, at which point we reached our peak (and we didn't come down for 4 or 5 hours). Our trip completely skipped the usual nausea, which was good for us because we had no herb left. While we came up, we prepared water and food for our trip, then promptly drove into the deeps of his woods.
When we emerged from the car the first thing either of us saw was a fallen log with about 20 bright orange mushrooms growing on it. This first encounter set the stage for what would become a great trip. We began stumbling around in the woods (as we often do) and I stumbled right into a baby fawn. I literally stumbled until I was about 2 feet from this fawn caught in a low vine. The fawn was so scared of me that it convulsed and tore itself free of its natural bondage. As it scampered off, Jack and I could barely contain our excitement. We stumbled off towards who knows where.
By this time, my hallucinations had truly begun. If I stopped to stare at anything, the entire forest breathed around me. I then tried my usual favorite hallucination on mushrooms, staring down at a small grove of some leafy plant like clover or mint. The leaves grew and shrank as I looked on, melding into each other and coming apart at will. Suddenly, Jack stumbled upon a rabbit hole completely covered in bright green moss. As we already felt that we were submerged in some sort of Lewis Carrol fantasy, the rabbit hole clearly excited us into ecstacy.
As we stumbled about, we found 6 different species of mushrooms, including Amanitas Muscaria, (a known hallucinogen which we had both tried before) which we ate. We found a fairy ring, a large circle of mushrooms with one large mushroom in the center. We eventually found a mossy tree stump that became our "home base" for the afternoon. We sat here talking for several hours, looking at the clouds, the trees, and the ground.
Throughout the entire experience, Jack and I talked constantly about government, mushrooms, the law, nature, marijuana legislation, politics, religion, and anything else under the sun. Our ideas flowed like clear mountain water, going from place to place with no inhibitions.
Suddenly, Jack heard a noise like a tree branch falling, so we went to investigate. As it turns out it was only our friends (also tripping nuts) on their way to a Moe concert. We talked to them for a few minutes before they left and felt relieved when they were gone. Knowing that everyone present was finally back on the same wavelength, we went for a walk, which turned into a run, which turned into a race through amber waves of grain. When we finally started coming down, we chilled out near Jack's car listening to music and eating our lunches. This trip still stands out as one of the best "feel good" trips I've ever had. I will always remember the experience with a fond flutter of my heart.

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