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Spirtual Creamyness

This was my first trip.

This was my first trip. I was being driven back to my friend Henry's house after a band practise, henry had been talking about his tripping experiences during the day and i decided that i wanted a little taste of that. Anyway i mentioned it to him and we decided to do it the next day.

I awoke the next morning excited but a little aprehensive, it was a beautiful day, sun shining which later would come into it own. Henry started to prepare the shrooms and soon we where tucking in, they didnt taste great but we washed them down with some orange juice and waited for it to set in. About half an hour went by while we where deciding what music to put on and then i started to feel it....

I lay back and stared at the bottom of Henry's bed, i would vagually see the air moving from side to side with viberant colours, it was very faint but it was very cool. Henry left the room and i realised i needed the toilet so i slowly got up and went to the bathroom. As i was standing up peeing i noticed a bottle of something on the mantle that took my eye, it was a bottle with some leaves and plants in and the plants where moving about (as they normally do) but this was fasinating to me and i couldnt stop looking at it, i finished peeing picked up the bottle and went back into Henrys room where i held the bottle on my chest and continued staring at it. Henry then came back into the room, saw me and we both burst out laughing.

We then started to eat a curry that Henry's mum had prepared with some bread rolls. The curry tasted amazing, i was like a taste explosion but the real story here was the rolls. That grew the closer they go to my mouth, we both couldnt stop laughing at this and it brought me to tears. Then Henry was talking to me while shoveling food into his mouth, he took about 4 or 5 mouth fulls in quick succesion without chewing before laughing and saying "i've got too much food in my mouth" it was fucking funny.

We then ventured out into the big wide world, and man was it beautiful, so many colours and it was still sunny despite the day getting older. We sat in a field under a tree and watched the sunset while enjoying a few spliffs, it soon got dark but we just stayed there looking at the branches of the trees move, it was amazing and just as i thought things couldnt get any better a bat flew over us as we lay on he ground, soon another joined us and we watched these amazing creatures fly back and forth.

It was a truely amazing experience and i recommend it to anyone.


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