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Spiritual Experience - first timer


Ok. To start off I thought I would help out and post my experience so that other people thinking about shroomin will have a positive experience to read about. First let me lay my foundation of drug use, this helps you understand where I come from. I didn't really get into anything till I was 18. I started smoking weed, then fell in love with Ritalin, from there tried crank which I hated, tried coke which I hated as well, did acid and my mind almost collapsed upon itself. I had the worse trip you could imagine, grabbed a knife and almost killed my friend, he didn't know how serious I was at the time. Did X and loved that as well. Then I decided to try shrooms cause ive always wanted to stick to natural substances… but I strayed somewhere down the path as you can see.

Now that the foundation is laid I can start on my experience. I rolled on Friday, then me and a friend decided to eat some shooms on sat night. My fiancé fell asleep early, so it left me and him to experience this by ourselves. We ate 1.5 grams of shrooms around 8:00pm. Started to feel pretty good around 8:30 then around 9:00 we were feeling really good. Just happy, colors were brighter, and everything was twisting a little. My friend tried to roll a J and ended up rolling a roach… don't know how in the hell he did this. Then I tried to and rolled a fucked up looking J that was impossible to smoke. By then we figured our coordination was way too off to do anything technical. We then decided to go walking out in some woods near my apartment complex. When we finally got there we were peaking good. Don't know if it was the walking that kicked everything in or the natural order of time. By the time we got there everything was beautiful. It was pitch black outside, the sky was clear with tons of stars. The weather was 70 degrees, in November that's pretty damn good where im from! I lay down in the cool grass and stared at the shifting stars. The stars were also pulsating and I felt completely connected on the same level as the grass and trees around me. My mind had never been so clear. Meanwhile my friend was talking to a tree he made friends with. I came over where he was at and we started talking about life and the problems with mankind. How we know that mankind will fail because of our controlling nature. How we thought it was totally insane that we label “God” with a word, something that great should not have a name. Eventually we stopped talking for a while and knew exactly what the other person was thinking. Finally we got too damn thirsty and walked back to the apartment and smoked a little. I curled up underneath the coffee table, listend to LoFis in Ibiza by the Low Fidelity Allstars, listened to the voices in my head and the knowledge they were giving me. Some they wanted me to relay to my friend, others they wanted me to keep to myself. My experience was totally spiritual. I come from a spiritual background of Celtic, Wiccan, and natural magick, so it really breathed some life into my soul.

The next day after some good sleep we woke up feeling no after affects at all. Unlike X how you can feel drained the next day we felt good. Better then we can ever imagine we have felt before. After all the things I did Shrooms is truly the best. Not for partying, but simply for feeling good and cleansing your soul. To us, X tries to do what shrooms do. We will do this again, not anytime soon though. One thing that shrooms both taught us is not to abuse them. Use them as a guide and you will be a better person. Abuse them and, well, we don't know. We haven’t abused them and never will.

Thank you for your time. Nate

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