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space ship

One time I was tripping on shrooms with my friends r and s we had done them a few times and knew wat to expect.

One time I was tripping on shrooms with my friends r and s we had done them a few times and knew wat to expect. usually wen we desided to trip we have it planed out for about a week before but this time it was more of a spur of the moment. so we ate the shrooms desided to do it in peanutbutter and jelly sandwich, I was told that the longer that you chew them the better the trip is so it took me about a half hour to finish the sandwich. I hadent eaten any thing all day so I was pretty hungry too, but we were first just hanging out oin my friends house on his couch watching tv wen it started to kick in. I was the first of us that started to trip so i started to tell them wat i started to see. I was looking at the pillow that was on my lap and the opatterns on it started to move and sway like they were cars on a highway. we desided to go for a walk around the block but first my friend had to go to the bathroom so I was waiting for him to finish to go for a walk I was sitting down on a chair looking at the wood floor and then the floor started to crawl like the top of it like the finish would move foward and then the rest would follow it and I felt like i was being pulled with it. wedrn my friend came out of the bathroom me and s were staring at the floor in awe. we told him wat we were seeing and he started to see the floor too. we sat there for a little and then desided to go for that walk. we walked around the blok which seemed like it took an hour but it was only like 5 min. we came to this path that we knew lead to a school so we started to walk down it, the path has trees on eather side of it which started to bend over me and form into a tunnel. we eventually turned around because the trail leads to a main road next to the school. we were walking back to my frienmds house when my other friend poulled up in his scion XB. we got in and started to drive around for a bit we rolled a blunt which by the way was possibly the hardest thing to do wen you have 6 hands moving all at their own will. we went to my friend house in his drivway to smoke the blunt on the way there my friend turns on these green neon lights that he has on the floor in the car which wen he did looked like wen in the movies wen they open a door and the light shins through and takes over the whole screen it looked the same but green. wen we got to the house and started smoking my friend went crazy saying that he saw pink neon penises flying up out of the ground. he sometimes has these energy spurts where he moves his fingers really fas he started to do this and then suddenely stoped and looked at his hands and saied that it looked like he had 20 fingers on each hand. we finished smoking and desided to drive up to my other friends collage we call him diamond joe. on the way up about a hour ride I started to look at the road the the yellow lines in the road turned into snakes and started to come at me through the window, that started to freak me out a lil bit but tried not to think of it ne more. I then looked up into the sky which was dark by now and the stars were out. I then went in to like a meditative state where I thought I was in a rocket ship flying into space. I then was floating freely in space looking around seeing all the planets and stars. I felt weightless floating as if I actually was in space. I was chilling there just looking at the senery wen the car came to a stop and I felt like I was flying back down from the sky to the car. we had arrived at the collage. things started to calm down from there nothing too crazy but still felt a little weird we met up with diamond joe and walked back towards his dorm there was a big open plot of grass and just one tree in the middle of it which wen I saw it liiked like all of the branckes were just swaying and moving in weird ways we chilled out for a lil in front smoking a cigg by the time I finished my ciggs i had come down off the trip but looking back at it i had alot of fun and I think i am going to do it again this weekend I cant waite.

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