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Sound Advice

Two days ago was my birthday.

Two days ago was my birthday. As usual i was looking for a powerful entheogenic experience...whoa did i find one.

First i soaked 5g of dried Salvia leaves in a shot of whiskey...i don't really like whiskey, but it was the only alcohol i had available and i figured it would get out the active ingredients.

After it soaked overnight, i strained the leaves and did a shot. I followed the shot with 4 grams of potent P. Cubs.

One thing that i discovered, is that this is a very potent combination. One thing i did not discover is exactly where it can take you...

What happened was that i began to lift off and enter a realm of hyperspace, i was beginning to enjoy the traveling when i encountered a "hole" or a "portal" in the space...i assumed this was "Salvia Land" and began to enter.

As i was enterring i started to see the Salvia spirits, and they saw me....unfortunately they were not very happy about it. The energy field closed in on me and i heard the spirits telling me that i needed to go away and fix up my life before coming back...i had taken the wrong path, and they wanted me to find a new one. I felt a little panicky about this at first, but then proceeded to follow my urge to go outside and take a walk.

So i walked and i walked until i felt like i was somewhat safe and centered. When i stopped the mushroom was still talking to me.

It told me that my actions in the recent part of my life had been "contrived" to alienate me rather than connect me to people. This must change.

It told me that i needed to regain the true meaning of sexuality and i needed to explore my sexual self.

It told me i have a problem with drugs...i waste too much energy talking about, trying to get and ingesting drugs...it said i must let go of my attachment especially in this area.

Most importantly it showed me how to better project my love outwards and told me to walk a more "service oriented" path.

I hope to join you all again in the future, and i still want to fleshmeet with any of you i come near....don't forget me!

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