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Snowy June


Ok! So this happened about 2 years ago when I was still a foolish teenager. The following story is that of my first trip, accounts of my other voyages will follow.

Anyways, it was the last day of school, I was in grade 10, and my friends and I, who had started doing weed only 4 months before, decided that we should try. Some jerk who wanted to make money told us tha we HAD to take two grams to fly and smoke pot to get the trip started. So we ate the shrooms with some yoghurt and the one of us had to go get the weed, so he took the bike and by the time he was back, the two of us who had stayed were already getting hyper. So we rolled the uglist joints you could imagine, smoked them and started running after a bus. I had my arms spread out like wings and I really thought I was flying. So we got aboard the bus and I started to hear wierd voices that kept calling me... I looked at my friends and they were gently slapping each other across the face like idiots.

Later, we ended up in the movies watching The Matrix which was really freaky and I kept getting up for no reason throughout the flick. After the movie we started to wnader off in all the rooms pointlessly seeing colours and floating balls of green and purple...very strange! We ended up changing theaters and seeing some stupid movie with Edd Murphy. When we came out, it was about 30 degrees celcius in downtown Montreal in the month of June but I was convinced it was snowing and kept shivering! Really insane! WE got on the bus at about 1 am and we got into the craziest laughing fits you could imagine over the stupidest things!

It looked to me as though everyone was fighting in the bus... like women taking there shoes off to spank each pther...I didn't care much, I was just laughing!

Anyways, the trip was great but the only problem I see in retrospect is that I didn't get any closer to the true meaning of life, I guess I was to young back the, onlyn 15! Anyways, I've gotten to the meanong of life through Buddhism since then but I'm still tripping Hard!!

Antoine P. (aka. Hipster)

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