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High Mountain Compost
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Level 5

Total loss of visual connection with reality. The senses cease to function in the normal way. Total loss of ego. Merging with space, other objects, or the universe. The loss of reality becomes so severe that it defies explanation. The earlier levels are relatively easy to explain in terms of measureable changes in perception and thought patterns. This level is different in that the actual universe within which things are normally perceived, ceases to exist! Satori enlightenment (and other such labels).


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  • Amazing Chaos
    We ingested at 6:40 and smoked a fat joint of dank green between the three of us directly following that.

  • crazy fingers
    Hey, this is a crazy story about my strange trip on shrooms and acid.

  • Journeys
    ---- I apologize beforehand for any grammatical errors that may exist in this text ---- For a very long time, I have read these "trip reports", on almost everything from cannabis to cocaine.

  • Crazy trip!
    Must read... Please comment and give feedback/advice!

  • Mushroom Memoirs
    The following anecdotes are all true stories about my own mushroom excursions, though names have been changed to protect the innocent.

  • Crazy First Trip..I dissapeared
    Before you read, please realize that this is a pretty long story, as I am trying to give the reader as much detail as I can so that he can in some way experience the trip that I went through that night.

  • Jump into the Deep
    Dosage - 5 grams of psilocybe cubensis cambodia taken 30 minutes after 3 grams of ground Syrian Rue I went over to a friend's apartment on an early sunday morning when we had been planning to trip together.

  • Sludge Experiment
    Here's a different way to shroom: My roommate and I have been working on growing our own shrooms, and recently harvested our first crop.

  • gimpses of paradise
    a taste of heaven

  • Omen Trip
    I swear on the mushroom the following is true.

  • Crazy Gram
    Me and my buddy ate 1 gram each, not expecting much, we then smoked a joint and i was beginning to feel the funny feeling and the general euphoria.

  • jus another trip....
    IM gunna skip the bullshit .

  • So Random...
    One night at my house me and my stepbrother were jus chillin when my friend Justin comes over with two fat eighths of some premo boomerz!

  • Thousands of spirits in the clouds
    It was my time to see the light. I looked up and saw a thousand faces in the clouds. And they spoke to me

  • OH MY @!###$
    i was at this party and desided to drop mush, then right after i desided to walk through this forest by the house of the party.

  • Crazy Island Paradise
    The first few times I did shrooms I had completely awful trips due to being totally unprepared.

  • Just Riding The Buzz
    A few Friday nights ago, me and 3 buddies were just sitting around playing poker.

  • Me as nature wanted
    well it all started when me and my friend, took 4 grams of mush each it was my first time he had done it before.

  • crazy maaaan
    I sensed the work changing and all of a sudden vicky truglio appeared naked and i didn't know what to do.

  • Just Testing
    I got a half and oz.

  • Something more to life.
    Ok, I have done mushrooms for about 3 years, so I am fairly novice compared to everyone else.

    things change last august i was camping with some friends.

  • crazy shit
    i had never tripped before but my friend did and he told me all about it so i was very excited about doing it.

  • Keep Checkin Back
    I had just turned 17 years old and had been reading about acid and was very curious to try it out.

  • Soul Travle
    It was about 5:00pm and I got a phone call from a friend, he had said he was going to pick up some shrooms.

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