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Level 5

Total loss of visual connection with reality. The senses cease to function in the normal way. Total loss of ego. Merging with space, other objects, or the universe. The loss of reality becomes so severe that it defies explanation. The earlier levels are relatively easy to explain in terms of measureable changes in perception and thought patterns. This level is different in that the actual universe within which things are normally perceived, ceases to exist! Satori enlightenment (and other such labels).


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  • Vitamin C Warning
    For documental reasons, my weight is 140lb (65 kilo), and height is 6 feet, age 18.

  • Wandering Soul
    Wednesday night (four days ago) was a BITCH.

  • beingness
    - Forward- The following trip report represents a mystical experience that I experienced while I was under the influence of mushrooms on the third and last time I have tripped.

  • psilocybin psecrets!
    None of you are doing high enough doses to really experience the "magic" in magic mushrooms.

  • Psychotic Episode
    This insane trip occurred on August 10, 1998.

    the trip im about to tell you about happened almost a year ago-- fall of 97.

  • Pure Conciousness
    I'VE BEEN ELSEWHERE for quite some time; over the rainbow one could say.

  • Beyond Language
    I had found a very nice colony of fresh grown cubensis in the mound of cow shit that was always there.

  • Putty reality
    This is a long story.

  • Raindow titties
    Okay, one night about a week ago me and some friends were havin' fun looking to shroom.

  • i just forgot what
    well i was standing up, and i needed to sit down so bad, but all the seats in my friends house were taken.

  • I Lost Myself
    I'll get right to the point.

  • whoa!!! too much
    hey im back!

  • BURROWS of my Head
    I took some shrooms that had been thrown in the blender along with some orange juice, not recomended if looking for good taste, however excellent as far as intensity because they hit me really quick(Much props to the grower of these shrooms)----anyway, I began to feel, let's say "weird".

  • CA Uber alles!
    Well, it all started when I met up with some friends of mine down at the college where they go.

  • Reckless Endeavor
    My first experience with shrooms was an exercise in recklessness.

  • Revelations
    If these lines run together, I am terribly sorry.

  • I Was Crazy
    This is about the trip I had some 9 months ago.


  • I was WAY too fucked
    This trip happened on my 19th birthday, when I went out with my buddies to celebrate.

  • Sasquatch
    The two bowls of Highland Show compost have been producing steadily for a few months now, and the dry cubensis are stacking up.

  • Satan's Train
    Well, let's see, where to begin?

  • Yellow Room
    • 1.00

    My girlfriend and brother had never taken mushrooms before and I, in my arrogance, thought an experienced shroomer like myself should introduce them.

  • Shamanic Goa Rave
    Sitting in front of the stage, with the DJ mixing a good groove of both Techno/Goa Trance, it was mid-day on a Sat.

  • Cosmogenisis
    • 1.00

    well now I have returned a changed man from the previuos evenings sojourn.

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