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Level 5

Total loss of visual connection with reality. The senses cease to function in the normal way. Total loss of ego. Merging with space, other objects, or the universe. The loss of reality becomes so severe that it defies explanation. The earlier levels are relatively easy to explain in terms of measureable changes in perception and thought patterns. This level is different in that the actual universe within which things are normally perceived, ceases to exist! Satori enlightenment (and other such labels).


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  • ¿Como Viajar Mejor?

    • 2.33


  • ~Lost~
    When I was 16, I had been smoking weed for awhile.

  • ~Heaven's Cloud's~
    Ok it was about 9:00 AM and the night before i got some shrooms that were called heavens clouds.

  • ~BreaTh3 iN tHe AiR~
    now black: except for lone deserted spots, the sound of the world and everyone and everthing driftinginto place, the paper quotes those clever clever souls saying everything is not right yet there is no explaining the imaginary ways of the cruel poisons and adventure.

  • _____A MUST READ!!!!!!!_____
    I planned a camping trip at spruce woods spirit sands and decided to take the shrooms late in the evening.

  • ___A MUST READ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!___
    I planned a camping trip at spruce woods spirit sands and decided to take the shrooms late in the evening.

  • zebra cakes...
    the night was going well, i was with good company, it only seemed right to top it off with some shrooms.

  • young, dumb, ans mentally-undone shrooms, mda an mdma
    2nd shroom trip: first hippieflip

  • youll like this one.
    • 5.00

    the penis envy ego death. here we go.

  • You tell me
    I have this monkey.

  • yet another mystical trip
    It can be real or mushrooms just mess with our minds?

  • Yellow Room
    • 1.00

    My girlfriend and brother had never taken mushrooms before and I, in my arrogance, thought an experienced shroomer like myself should introduce them.

  • yeah right!!!
    The other day i started reading these trip reports and i really started tripping!

  • yeah
    all i did was poop my pants twice!

  • yarrak
    birgün olacak (ki bu günü çok kısa bir zamanda görecez) benim YARRAK topunuza öyle bir girecek ki,.

  • wut tha hell
    a friend and i were appauled at finding no shroomz in town or way 2 heavily priced 4 a shwaggy strain of cubensis.

  • WTF... Is all I can say
    Ok lets start this story off by letting you guys know some of the facts.

  • WrOTe whIlE SHrooMIn
    Falling falling.

  • WOW! PART 2!
    I am back with the rest of my trip report.

  • Wow! Part 1!
    Last Friday night at about 7:45 my roommate D and my boy P all decided to eat some of my homegrown cubies that have been under way since late November.

  • Wow!
    you know what it is that i saw/understood/comprehended - there is no words that can explain it - just that feeling and understanding of what we are and our mission.

  • Wow Man!!!!!!!!!! Hippie ,Hippie heaven......
    My wife Debra took a shroom trip last night only eating one small head.

  • Wound up in a straight Jacket and a muzle
    My friend came over with a big bag of mushrooms he had found in the wilderness and told me to eat them with him.

  • Worst trip ever
    • 4.00

    pretty fucked

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