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Level 5

Total loss of visual connection with reality. The senses cease to function in the normal way. Total loss of ego. Merging with space, other objects, or the universe. The loss of reality becomes so severe that it defies explanation. The earlier levels are relatively easy to explain in terms of measureable changes in perception and thought patterns. This level is different in that the actual universe within which things are normally perceived, ceases to exist! Satori enlightenment (and other such labels).


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  • Slice of life
    • 4.50

    The night is a calm one.

  • Sludge Experiment
    Here's a different way to shroom: My roommate and I have been working on growing our own shrooms, and recently harvested our first crop.

  • killa BUZZ

  • level 5 - grief trip
    First level 5 I guess it's time to write these tripnotes down.

  • Stuck Inside
    About two weeks ago I got the balls to try shrooms for the first time.

  • Dairy Queen Trip....
    Ok here it is.

  • Life, Version 2.1
    Dosage: 10 grams ground Tampensis sclerotia, 5 grams Syrian Rue resin 1 liter Lespedosa bicolor leaf tea Reason: Never had a truely 'mind blowing' experience with entheogenic chemicals.

  • Liquid Hands
    Ok, it was the thursday we got out from school for the easter break.

  • Superbowl King
    It had been a month since I have tripped.

  • Liquid Skin
    • 4.00

    I had just eaten 60 grams of fresh Psilocybe cubensis from PF spores grown with the revised PF-TEK (1/2 cup vermiculite, 1/4 cup brown rice flour, 60 cc water using the Pearlite humidification technique); I make note of the conditions of cultivation because I believe that it is important to consider all factors that may affect the potency of our little fleshy friends.

  • Dead show
    I had this intense trip at a Grateful Dead show before the death of Jerry Garcia.

  • Deadly *Purple *Caps
    During Christmas Eve My boys and I brought about an ounce of strooms.

  • Talking Pizza/Chicks
    Ok, it all started when I was chillin in my room with a few friends.

  • telepathic eros
    A quantity of homegrown, dried cubensis fruits were ground to a fine powder in a coffee grinder.

  • desert madness
    i was in Moab, Utah,with two friends when I consumed 7 and a 1/2 dry wight grams of psilocybe caenynes- damed if i know the correct spelling.

  • Lost Body
    • 5.00

    the following words are as true as any I am capable of writing.

  • Lost in Carolina
    It was cold outside, and I had a half ounce of mushrooms for the evening.

  • Docmnt - psychosis C
    For documental reasons, I am 6 ft, 140 lb, 18, and have done about 60 dried grams in past 5 months.

  • The Continuous Cycle
    I had been growing and tripping on 'shrooms for almost a year and thought that I had pretty much seen what these little gifts from God could show me.

  • Dots, Shrooms, and LSD

  • Dragonflies
    It was the first time I did a heroic dose of mushrooms.

  • The Earth Will Die..
    For starters, let me just say that this experience took place many weeks ago, but Im STILL having visions of it; strange as that might be.

  • The Entities Speak
    This was the most intense trip i have experienced in my life.

  • Ego Death
    I should say first that, though I do not generally describe this experience as having been nasty, it was at times frightening, and, afterwards, I lost interest in taking hallucinogens for nearly 10 years.

  • Elmin Eddel
    So this was my 5th time trippin and this time i REALLY wanted to trip wild!

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