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Smoke and Melting

The first time I took shrooms I didn't think it was doing anything to me.

The first time I took shrooms I didn't think it was doing anything to me. I didn't have anyone with me that day, because it was a Sunday and nothing was open. I sat at our local teen centre, and watched some really bad tv shows. Next thing I remember is waking up (From sleeping) and seeing the blinds across the room melting and dripping on the floor. I couldn't stand up to go see it, but I watched it for about 5 mintues. My friend..L came in and screamed out to me(she knew I ate the shrooms and I was looking for people to hang out with). When I looked back at the blinds they were normal and not moving at all. I got up and started to walk towards the door, but it seemed like my legs were about 3 feet infront of me . It was kinda scary because I knew I wasn't walking right, but I tried really hard to hahaha. I walked up the snowy hill into her car and sat in shotgun. We drove to McDonalds to meet some other friends, but I couldn't get out of the car because the bright colors or the McDonalds sign was tripping me out too bad. I sat in the car while all my friends went inside to eat. I lit my lighter near the window and it made steam and smoke come off the window. I seen weird faces in the steam and then I had to get out of the car because I thought the faces would get me. It was a really fun nite, and I'll never forget it.

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