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Smeared Stars

ok this was one of my many times tripping on shrooms, but i like this neat little trip so i'll share it with you.

ok this was one of my many times tripping on shrooms, but i like this neat little trip so i'll share it with you. me and my brother had found about 50 p. cubensis in a cow field that day. that night i brewed up some tea with about 15 of them. i drank 2 cups of the tea adn munched on the biggest mushroom, which had a cap about 2 inches in diameter. 10:00pm - this is when i dosed

10:30 - i started to get a good buzz coming on, so i started up my blacklight, turned on the computer, and kicked back. i was messing around on irc, when i got this sudden floaty feeling. i felt like i could fly. the euphoric feeling was coming on fast. my phone was sitting on the wall beside me. i thought it was staring at me, so i freaked out and took it off the wall

11:00 - the computer got boring, so i turned it off. i looked at my wall and it started to move! it looked as if there was something behind it or there was a bubble in the wall that was moving all around. i stared at it for about 20 minutes, but it stopped, so i decided to lay on my bed.

11:30 - i was just laying on my bed in the light of blacklight. on my ceiling there are these glow in the dark stars and they glow really starngely in the light. i stared at them and their colors began to smear and streak. it was really odd. in between the stars was what looked like a blue chain of energy. i don't know exactly how to describe it.

1:00 - i stared at my ceiling for an incredible amount of time, but it only felt like a few minutes. now, i have this incense called nog champa. it smells really spiritual and good. i highly recommend burning this while shrooming, it's just so great. the smoke from the incense was glowing in the blacklight, i thought it looked like ghosts. for some reason it made me really happy. after a while i got under my covers. it was like an adventure under there! i must have spent 15 minutes wandering around under there. but, i got hot and i really couldn't breathe under there, so i panicked. i started coughing and i thought i was gonna die. but i soon found my way out.

2:00 - by this time i was almost completely down. i reflected on my trip for awhile. it was a very good trip. i soon fell asleep.

i love shrooms. they're my favorite activity!
Happy Shrooming and Merry Christmas!

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