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small world

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Last night I had my first encounter with magical mushroomz. I had been looking forward to the experience for about 2 weeks and had been on this site almost every night reading trip reports and learning about mushroomz. My friend Dene picked up 7 g's on thursday night which we were going to split on friday night between 3 or 4 people depending on wether or not Tarik wanted to eat with us or be our sober clober. After detention on friday, Alex, Dene and me went back to denes house to watch freestyle friday and wait for Tarik. We had the whole night planned and werent supposed to eat the shroomz until 7. It was currently 5:30 and we knew that we were way to excited to wait until 7. Each of us popped 2 caps and 2 stems and then we went upstairs to watch T.V. I have to say that the next 15 minutes were one of the worst in my life. Not knowing if I ate way to much and what would happen if I did. I realized that I barely knew the guy that gave Dene the shroomz and that they could be laced with acid (I dont know if thats possible or not but I was paranoid) and that there was noting I could do because I had already eaten them. About 10 minutes later a feeling of giddiness swept over me and I forgot all about my worries. We were watching BET and I started thinking how dumb it was that they were rapping about killing people and being in jail. What the hell is cool about being in jail. Why the hell would anyone want to be in jail thats the worst place ever! I burst out laughing and couldn't stop. When my friends asked me what was so funny I told them. we all had a good laugh. I asked Alex how he was feeling and he said he felt stoned but happier. Dene claimed he wasn't feeling anything at this point. He told me he was going back to his room to eat more so I came with him. He took out a huge cap and I and I told him that was way to big and he should split it with me which he agreed to do. At this point I could feel the shroomz working. Colours were brighter and everything was exciting. When Alex said we should roll a joint I eagerly agreed. For some reason, I felt I had to roll a perfect joint, and that if I didn't i would be letting down Bob Marley. I went to work and 10 minutes laster I had rolled the nicest 3 paper spliff of my life, and ive been rolling for 3 years. Next we went outside to meet tarik and his Girlfriend. First we saw Tarik and gave him the shroomz we had saved for him. He said his girlfriend was waiting at the end of the street for the bus. When we got to her, I had my first visual. Her face was orange, completely orange and so was her neck, but then it stopped and the rest of her body was normal. I shook my head and looked again. Still orange. I looked at the sky for several minutes. The clouds were very interesting. Then back at her. The orange was beginning to fade. To weird I suggested going to the park and smoking the spliff and everyone agreed. Liza had to stay and wait for a bus tho. As soon as the spliff was lit I realized i didnt want any. I just sat on the bench and looked at the city lights. It was amazing. There were millions of lights, how did they get all the energy for all those lights. I was dumbfounded and pondered this for the next half hour or so. he next thing I can remember I was ordering food at A&W. There was a small indian woman taking my order, and then a small indian woman working in the back. But I soon realized that I never saw both of there faces at the same time. i felt like she was pretending to be 2 people at once. Then I went into a total state of confusion when a third indian woman, who looked identical as the other 2 emerged from the back room. I had no idea what was real and what wasn't anymore. I looked to my left and saw an elderly lady walking towards me. Without warning she began to run and did a full circle around me and continued walking. I stared at the ground for a few minutes trying to figure out what was happening to me. I got my food and went to sit down with my friends. Dene was eating stirfry. A brocolli caught my eye. I stared at it for a few minutes. I could see a face but it wasnt doing anything, Just sitting there quite content. Then dene picked it up with his fork and it began to scream. DENE STOP!! i yelled so loud that people all across the food courrt were staring. I took the piece of brocoli and we began having a conversation about his life and his family. I introduced him to my friends whom he didn't like very much. The last trippy thing that I can remeber happening was seeing the same people over and over. I saw the same old chinese guy order a meal about 5 times and this family kept coming into the food court, dissapearing and then coming back again. It was the same people over and over. I said to Alex "It sure is a small world , I keep seeing the same people." Surprisingly he knew exactly what I was talking about. We talked about this for several minutes and then headed back to denes house. We listened to some trippy music and then i went to sleep. It is now 10:00 am and im writing this report with Dene standing beside me, he says that he wasn't tripping after he ate 2.5 g's and wants to know if it's normal. his email is dstalk@hotmail.com

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