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Slow downwards spiral into hell

I had previously tried shrooms twice before, not certain of the dose but i'd say they were both level 2 trips.

I had previously tried shrooms twice before, not certain of the dose but i'd say they were both level 2 trips. Anyways, me and 2 buds, Steve and Arion, got a 1/2 ounce of dried shrooms after days of pursuit. We arrive at my house at 11PM and spread 1/4 ounce on a pizza and split it 3 ways.
Not much later my friend Nate comes over; he is to be our sitter. About 30 min later we all notice our breathing getting heavier and heavier. We stop whatever it is we were doing and start giggling like mad men because Nate Heck was wearing a green shirt and although he is a small guy he looked absolutely ENORMOUS, so Arion gave him the name 'Nate Hulk'...I then start flicking a lighter in my pocket and it feels like it is melting to the inside of my pocket, but i realize it isn't.
The trip comes down quickly about 2 hours after taking them. We are VERY dissapointed and there is this huge negative vibe lingering. So we split this huge cap between the 3 of us and soon enough the trip comes back, but it isn't very strong. This is where shit gets fucked up.
I hide under a blanket for some reason or another and realize that oh man....it's so much better under here! The patterns are insane and can't be explained. Upon experimenting, I realize that not talking, no lights, and little movement cause me to trip out, but if I do talk or see light i don't trip at all...I was convinced that if I talked it would ruin the trip and bring me back to reality.
After 2 hours of not saying a single word to anyone else in the room they are starting go get worried. "Are you ok?" I hear many times but don't respond. I then was getting kind of sick of trying so hard to keep the trip going so I tried to talk....but I couldn't. Nothing came out when I tried. At this I became horrified. I look at my Gamecube and thousands of wires are comming out of it. The room looks completely trashed, though it was barely messy. I really start to lose it. It is 6AM and my parents are now awake. They are going to find out! I can't even speak! They are going to send me to a fucking institution!
I go into my room which is next door and try to sleep. I can hear my buds breathing at the foot of my bed, although they weren't in my room at all. I take 4 tylenal PM to knock myself out, scared as hell that I could never return to reality...
I wake up at around 11...Reality has returned...but I still feel wrong, something disturbingly different about me that I can't quite pin down. I am really scared now because I fear they may have caused brain damage...The next day, the feeling is still there. Only after nearly a week to I feel normal again...
What went wrong? I do not know...

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