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Skipping Tiles

I thought it was just going to be another ordinairy Saturday evening at my mates place, i rang up my other mates (whom i shall call 'J' and 'D'), and arranges to go to 'S' house after smoking a gram or two at my house.

I thought it was just going to be another ordinairy Saturday evening at my mates place, i rang up my other mates (whom i shall call 'J' and 'D'), and arranges to go to 'S' house after smoking a gram or two at my house.
Grams were easy to get from Geelong, seeing as i lives in Lara right on the outskirts, i had few connections and picked them up on the way to my nana's house who wasnt there for the weekend. I had to catch the Country train seeing as i was 15, i cant drive yet as 18 is the legal age in Australia.
My friends eventually came and we smoked as we always did and stumbled down the street stoned out of my mind to my other friend's house, who we knew would have some other mates there as he was a pretty popular bloke.
When we arrived there, we greeted everyone, there was a few chicks there (including my girlfriend at the time, she was probably the foxiest girlfriend ive ever had, which also adds to the exitement of the trip i had).

The guy's house was reasonably cosy and well-positioned, right in the vicinity of shops, had a large backyard, everything, but his house was next door to someone who 'S' had been negotiating some Shr00ms off. I love that word :))

'S' had a plastic bag of shrooms and i couldnt believe how tall they were, at least 150 cm!!! They were from the dense moist Rainforests of the Otways, which Austrlia is so famous for, and after the crowd had all bought their share, there was plenty left for other ppl to buy (this friend of mine regularly invited his friends over for drug binges).

I REALLLY WAS UNSURE about this, i had heard that Shroom ingestion was only a thing 'Mentals' did, and that 'Shrooming', unlike acid, could easily bring on bad trips, which 'Shroom Phreak tRips' would occur, these are like the WORST POSSIBLE things in existance, worst than nightmares, like a nightmare except totally present, divinely frightening, more daunting than bad trips on ANY other type of mind-altering substances.
I was reasurred after 1 or 2 hours of talking it out with my friend, 'D' made it clear he 'didnt want to touch the shit', and i purchased 1 gram each.
We used 'S' kitchen to boil the mushies and we drained the coffee-like juice and mixed it with "Nesquik shake", this is a chocolate powder where you add milk and shake it into an instant milkshake. After a few last thoughts and gazing outside to see all the other trippers well.....tripping, we downed the shakes, suprisingly it tasted like coffee aswell, not real coffe, but the crappy roast stuff without milk and sugar.
We both decided we should stay together and help each other out if things go wrong, and to communicate to keep in close contact to update each other on what was going on.
in the lounge room, My girlfriend and me chilled out on one couch, with 'J' on the opposite couch, Katy, (my EX now, ) was aware of my ingestion and her presence made me feel really special for some reason. she was drinking wine with some other chicks.
we turned on the box to chanell 10, and what do you know, the three stooges was on.
my heart started to beat a bit more rapidly and i became aware of my ever magnifying euphoria.
I thought about the universe and how it expands at something like 250 billion kilometres per second.
Now i knew somethingt was strange. The same time i decided to report my feeling to 'J', he came out with something too!
"you go first", "NO! You go first!" NO YOU!!"
it felt like i'd downed a six pack in one go.
my vision was all hazy and had a slightly 'Sonic' sensation about it. i decided to turn off the box and tune into PBS Electronica night (saturday).
i turned it up so i could hear it good and turned the main ligts off leaving only a lamp on right back behind a couch, so everything was dim.
I then KNEW someting was there....As i looked at my arm for a minute, i could see small mushrooms, similar to Super Mario Brothers Mushrooms, red with white patches, growing on my arm. really almost microscopic in size. For no apparent reason, i suddenly Laughed my fucking head off at them for aaaaaaaaaaaaages, just pointing at them, saying"what a joke!!WHAT A FUCKING JOKE!!! AHEAHAEHAHE!!"
this started to get really intense, there was some Village people disco remix on C.A (Creative Audio (PBS)) as i watched the mushrooms on my arm dance in time with the music, morphing, changing shapes with the music, everything lived and depended on the music.
I remember going onto a DEEEEEEEP Trance, and when i say deep, i dont mean deep, i mean JOURNY TO THE CENTRE OF THE FUCKING EARTH.
My arm was a full-on disco venue, laser lights, gobo-moons, huge fat greedy bouncer mushrooms eating all the small helpless underage mushrooms. I saw the flowers rotating on the wall in 60's fashion, so bright and flourescent i had to squint.
I felt my girlfriend's tentacles close in on me and i sank into her belly.
'J' was walking like a dog around the kitchen, everything was mellow, couldnt be better. I felt that i was too happy to ever have a bad trip or think anything negative, all i felt was a special sort of 'DISCO LOVE' :)

4 hours into the peak, we decided to go to maccas, well i didnt really get a say in it, but i didnt care i was so happy nothing mattered, i felt a mutual love connection between everything in existance, and i felt this feeling needed to be shared, "The universe in all its glory!! the armageddon is nigh! dont be afaid!! EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR THE BEST!!!"

Maccas, 2 am, and i swear the door opened for me, as if it could see i was 'royalty', and bowed down for me. This feeling made me feel guilty for the door, as we walked in i looked down to the door as i said lovingly "theres no need for that" i felt like hugging it, like forgiving it, even thought there was nothing to forgive.
i peer down at the floor the instant i walk in....
I find i am jumping in perhaps metres at a time, the cracks between the tiles were like cracks after the destruction of an earthquake, i find myself balancing outside with my girlfriend and another of her friends.
'J' came to sit, with my food. when he said "heres the food" i thought....food is food, but what else is?
food is food, but at what cost? food is food full stop!!
J's head was a massive orange and i burst into laugter again.

We got home after much messing around, i can hardly remember the taste of the food, except it was like cardboard, i remember my dada always saying "im never buying macdonalds agin, its cardboard food."
We went into the bathroom to have sex.
surely enough her titties were like pillows, i just wanted to lie on them, i thought in my mind i was a half dog-half gnome creature, like 'Gollum' from J.R.R Tolkien's 'Lord of the Rings', and i just wanted to curl up into a ball and bask in sun on her tits.
She didnt mind i was feeling them and playing with them for a while, when i got my cock out but was totally unco at penetrating.

We crawled out into the lounge rooms and slept in what was like a pile of bodies on the carpet.
The next morning when i woke up i felt TOTALLY REFRESHED....
Not as in REFRESHED, i mean like as if this was another part of the trip, i felt like ANOTHER PERSON.......TOTALLY CLEANSED.......STRIPPED OF ALL MY PROBLEMS.

This was truly a wonderful experience and i plan to do it again, so does my new girlfriend :) i think i might increase my next dosage alittle more too, and use a setting like the beach.

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