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Shroomy Adventure

A Shroomy Adventure.

A Shroomy Adventure.

Featuring Pikachu and Charmander.

Charmander had managed to grow a few Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms. So far he had harvested 4 medium sized shrooms and about 10-15 tiny ones. Both he and Pikachu had smoked lots of ganja but never eaten shrooms

Pikachu and Charmander had been planning to eat them today, but had decided against it as the house was full of heavy metal type kids.

Pikachu and Charmander had just finished having amazing sex. While the afterglow was affecting his brain, Charmander said "Ahhhh, euphoric!" Thinks for a bit... "Hey Pikachu, do you want to eat these shrooms RIGHT NOW?" Pikachu replied "yeah, why not, Rock n' roll." They each ate two medium sized shrooms, and one baby one. They swallowed them and washed them down with orange juice. The shrooms smelled like a dead dog, but they couldn't taste them very much. Charmander nearly puked when he got a big cap stuck in his throat, but that soon went away.
Super excited about the adventure they had just begun, told all the people downstairs of their situation.
Pikachu decided to go for a walk to the shop with her friend Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur had never eaten shrooms either, and at the time was not under the influence of any drugs except sugar and nicotine. When they were about half way, Charmander decided to join them, so he ran a few streets to catch up. While running he noticed a slight floaty sensation, and momentarily mistook a big red leaf for a huge frog. They met up and went into the shop to purchase candy. At this point both shroomy Pokemon were feeling slightly high and seeing some colour enhancement.
They had returned home, and Charmander was feeling gutted that he wasn't feeling any other effects, and was starting to think that previous effects he had felt was just placebo. They both decided they wanted more shrooms, so they went upstairs, emptied the shrooms out on Charmander's snare drum and split them 50/50. They went downstairs, and watched Cartoon network for a bit, but Charmander got pissed off at the lameness of the adverts, he suggested watching Geiss and Aphex Twin, but they chose to go outside in the garden instead. They sat on the grass facing each other, Kissing and making conversation, the subject of which was not remembered. Pikachu decided to stand up, and Charmander saw the blades of grass jumping back into shape. The grass seemed alive with movement. If he stared at a spot, he saw it begin to breathe and pulsate. He Told Pikachu, and when she looked, she saw that he was right, the ground looked alive! They were a little aprehensive of the fact that they had just eaten more shrooms, but not in a bad way. They went inside and told everyone that the ground was breathing.
They went outside, Pikachu sat on the lawn, and Charmander found a big dried plant stem, and started doing Kung fu moves with it. They both had loads of energy, and started running around very fast so they could hear the wind rush past their ears, and were experiencing the floaty sensation that Charmander had previously noticed, but much stronger. They were getting very giggly by this point. They decided to explore all parts of the garden, everything looked so beautiful and exciting. They both felt ecstaticly happy. They lay on the lawn for a bit, and then Pikachu decided that she wanted to go on the shed roof via the climbing frame next to it. Charmander joined her. On the roof, Pikachu found a pink beaded bracelet, and knew it was a gift from the shrooms, and refused to take it off for the whole of the trip. They looked at the trees, and saw all the different mystical faces that appeared in the branches. They looked down, and saw that the climbing frame was breathing, They were slightly unsure, as this was their only route down, but realised that if it walked off with them on it, it would take them to another beautiful magical place.
They went back inside, and Pikachu saw Bulbasaurs shoes on the floor, they looked alive and of a comical nature. She couldn't stop laughing at them, They were getting extremly odd looks from all the wankers, so decided to go, as everyone clearly didn't understand the magic and beauty of our situation. They rememberd that there was water melon in the fridge which seemed very appealing due to its bright colour and exciting flavour, but instead they took a bowl of strawberries, as they did not have the hassle of seeds, and having to cut them up. Out in the garden, they lay on their backs looking at the electric blue sky, and watching the clouds. They formed all sorts of crazy animals and faces.
Both Pokemon had reached the peak of their trips at this point. They were eating the strawberries, enjoying the intense flavour and colour. Pikachu remarked that she'd never seen red until now. They were both having lots of open eye visuals, especially on each other's faces. They thought the fact that they were rolling around on the lawn covered in moss was absolutely hilarious. Pikachu lay down, and Charmander leaned over to kiss her, and she thought he looked like some kind of giant snail like creature. Charmander was slightly gutted that she thought that, but he was so happy he didn't care. He realised it was funny and said that the atmosphere of the garden, cool and wet and green, made people think of snails. They looked up at the clouds. They looked like they were falling out of the sky. Charmander saw one covering the sun, which looked like it was glowing. It looked kinda like it was computer generated, made of polygons, or lots of tiny halo-like things. He looked into the brightest part and saw a cartoon/graffiti face grinning at him. The face was no colour and all colours at the same time.

They finished the strawberries and put the bowl in a small tree. At this point, while lying on the grass, Charmander noticed that the trip came in waves. He was feeling quite normal, then realised that everything looked strange somehow... "..is this my normal height? is this how it's meant to be?"... then started laughing at what he had just said. Pikachu noticed the high amount of detail in everything. She noticed a rubarb plant in the corner of the garden, and crawled towards it, as she felt it was emitting some maagical rays. Time seemed to slow down, as so many things were happening at once. Pikachu also felt like the difference between standing up and sitting down was like two different worlds.
The pokemon were feeling a little chilly, so decided to go back inside up to Charmander's bedroom. They were happy to find that everything was still beautiful inside, as it had felt unnatural before. The peak was passing, but still very high, Pikachu was experiencing wildly intense closed eye visuals, on a background of no colour, neither light or dark. They were both seeing traces, and marveled as they moved their hands around. They were also seeing streaky halos of light. Pikachu looked at th mushroom terrarium, and was amazed at the reflection bouncing off it. As Pikachu sat in the huge round chair, she felt it melting into her back, so it was like some kind of wings around her, like a shell. as she moved her feet up into to chair and off the floor, she thought she was floating off the ground. Charmander picked up the bass, but he was more into looking at the strings and the reflections than playing it. they also both thought that the drums would be too loud. As they looked at the bass, they thought is looked like some kind of giant, fantastic insect, with the strings coming of the headstock like antenna.

They lay down on the bed, and heard people going up the stairs. Charmander was still finding everything funny, so he tried to draw the conversation away from shroom related stuff to sex, saying stuff like "Yeah, that was great sex, that time I gave you AIDS... and got you pregnant..." Loud enough so the people outside could probably hear. (The Pokemon found it funny at the time) They were staring at each others faces, Pikachu noticed that Charmanders face changed colours, from yellow to orange to green and then blue, in a glowing, highly psychedelic way. She was also seeing tiny wallpaper-like arranged patterns all over Charmander's face. She also saw flowers around his face, and said "but not real flowers, flowers that don't exist!!!!!" in a slightly insane way, and they both laughed until they forgot about it. To Charmander, Pikachu's face looked like it was made up of lines of pure colour, all glowing pastel shades. The lines were alternately straight and zigzaggy, like a cardiograph. At this point their brains were getting a bit confused with all the input, and found it difficult to comunicate through speech, although they still felt close, and connected, like they could read each others thoughts.
Pikachu had to take a piss, and went into the bathroom. She got involved with the mirror, and leaned against it. She thought that she ws changing places with the mirror pikachu. She also thought the shower was some kind of sleeping creature. While this was going on, Charmander was listening to the sounds of voices and the TV from downstairs. To him they sounded like they were backwards, ar an alien language. They made their way downstairs, to watch the Simpsons, Pikachu couldn't really understand what the fuck was happening. Charmander, being a larger pokemon wasn't quite as high by now. Pikachu just focused on the dots of their eyes moving, creating slight traces on the screen. The atmosphere was getting a little tense at this point, due to all the wankers, one in particular who was being a bitch, saying stuff like "you won't get any sense out of THEM", Pikachu shouted something about everybody to stop being mean, and it was people like that that ruined everything. Then the phone rang. It was Pikachu's mum with a computer problem. Pikachu tried her best to act normal, but couldn't really hear what her mum was saying and just had to guess. She got away with it because her mum thought she was drunk, but the stress of acting normal was difficult, and disrespectful to the shrooms, and Pikachu felt like she had to get out of the house before everthing turned too sour.
Pikachu and Charmander went out for a walk, they invited Bulbasaur along too, as they wanted someone who could act sane in a tricky situation. Pikachu felt much better as soon as she got outside. They went to the park and smoked some cigarettes, talked about what they had learned from their experiences, and invited Bulbasaur to join them on their next adventure.
The three of them wandered around the streets until three in the morning smoking spliffs. For the shroomed pokemon, the Ganja had a totally different vibe than usual.

After their adventure, Pikachu and Charmander love each other even more than before. Both of them feel that they want to trip again, but not for a while. Charmander's shroom growing project is going super good.

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