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SHROOMS= Great Sex!

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Okay let me give you some background:
My boyfriend and I are regular users of E, but we had recently heard that shrooms are the thing to try. My boyfriend knew of someone who could get us some but I guess in our city at the time the supply of shrooms was really dry. So we gave up on the idea. Then on Labor day weekend we went to Nocturnal WOnderland. While rolling I was being friendly and bumped into a guy, D. We got to talking and he became my hook up for shrooms. It also turned out he didnt live to far from where i lived. About a week later my boyfriend called him up and bought two ounces(we was going to sell to some friends). So now we had the shrooms,....but when to do it :)____________________________________________________________
Well i think it was the last weekend it was my friends birthday. He wanted to go out and party and get drunk. My boyfriend and I werent really down for that so we decide we were just going to make it a blockbuster night. So we went to blockbuster got two movies and got food. We went back to his house and kind of chilled for a little bit. It was about
11:00 pm and we decided to pop in the first movie (Say it Isnt SO) which by the way i do not recommend while tripping. Anyways about 2minutes into the movie we started to toy with the idea of rolling, but then we had remembered we had shrooms. So we made the decision final: we were going to shroom. This was going to be my first time and my boyfriends second.
So he grabs hawaiian punch and i ate 1/2 of an 1/8th. The taste was not as bad as i thought. He had a little more than 1/2 of an 1/8th. So after consuming our delectable shroomies we decide to pop in the movie again. About 15 minutes into the movie i was feelin shaky and my stomach hurt. Then i started to giggle. As we were watching the movie there were things that happened in the movie that tripped us out so we stopped watching it.Okay now heres were the night gets a little confusing.
Well my boyfriend and I decide to just lay down and trip out. THe funniest part is that we both could not stop laughing. ANything that was said we busted up laughing. I was definitely feeling good. Wasnt quite getting the visuals yet. So then I think he got up went to the bathroom. HE was in there for a long time and in the meantime im begining to see the ceiling move. HE comes back in and informs me that the toilet was breathing.LEt the tripping begin. So we just lay and talk for about an hour and then i notice that the ceiling fans wood panels are melting and the ceiling looked like it was lined with dark fog that was moving. It was great!
Well then i got up and decide to go the bathroom. Well as im in the restroom im looking at a towel with little furries at the end of it. I stare at it and then in a flash i was in the towel. I was among the threads of the towel! it was great. AFter finally coming back to reality i got up went back to the room. We decide that its time to call up some people and go out. So we do this and have 4 of our friends come pick us up. they are high and we are all having fun. We were trying to decide what to do so after about 1 hr we decide to drive down to a park right across the street. MInd you that a heavy fog has settled in and the park looks like a bad scene out of pet cemetary. So basically we are in the park. Our friend D is trippin cuz he took some shrooms too b4 we left. well neways trip to the park was not as great as we thought. we began to be loose our feelings. ( we discovered that there can be shroom kills). So then we peaced on our friends and went back to the house. I gobbled up another cap and stem and my boyfriend did like wise in order to get the feeling back.
so its about 1:00/1:30 am. we begin to trip again. Life is good. So about another 45 minutes later and a couple trips to the bathroom. we decide to lay naked in the bed because the blanket was so soft and it felt we were "part of the blanket". well after about 10 minutes of tripping on that we get to freakin. Lets just say ive never laughed so hard during sex. Not because it was funny but because we kept going and going. HE was hard the entire time. Not to mention in the middle of it he informed me that he tripped and he felt he was the president. For me his face kept changing...not to different people just his face looked different...not like himself. Well lets just say that we had to take a break once at 3:30 and then continued on till about 6:45 am in the morning. So it was about a 5 hour sex session! Phew! Let me tell you...I love shrooms! For my first experience it was awesome.
Any feedback, comments or suggestions drop a line at FeelinluckE@aol.com :) Shroom on!

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