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Shrooms kick ass

Alright, bear with me, this happened a couple of months ago.

Alright, bear with me, this happened a couple of months ago. I had had the greatest summer of my life. I did alot of acid, smoked alot of weed, and I looked all over for shrooms but I couldn't come across any. I thought of growing them but I wasn't confident about it so I just tried to go the "dealer" route. School had just started and it was the first weekend of the school year. On Friday I went over my friend steph's house and a few of my other friends were there. And there like "Mark has shrooms" (Mark is an aquaintance). So I was like "holy shit" and I got all excited about it. Jon, Eric, and Ryan wanted to split a 1/4 between the 4 of us. So all of a sudden Mark shows up on his motorcycle. He says that he needs an adequate scale before he would sell us any. We had a hand scale but he didn't want that. He was afraid he would rip himself off, or so he said. We were begging him because shrooms are so rare to get in these parts. After like a half hour of debating he agreed to sell a 1/4 to us for $70!!!! I still can't believe we paid so fuckin much. We got ripped off big time but we knew that and didn't care because it was our only opportunity. We agreed to chomp em down on Saturday. Mark said he would trip with us at his trailor. Its a run down trailor in back of his step mom's house. I had work til 7 on Saturday so I kept in touch with the guys during my shift. They were all chillin at steph's house waiting for Mark to call and give them the ok to come on over. Ryan and Eric dosed at 5:30 and Jon dosed at 6:30. So I was like "shitty" cauz I wanted to dose at the same time as them but I wasn't about to eat em at work. I got home at like 7:15 and Jon called from Steph's house. He said that Mark called and it was ok for us to go over but he needed to borrow an extension cord. It wasn't a problem cauz my dad has a shitload of em in his van. So I grabbed an extension cord and headed for Steph's. When I got there Mark was already there. I took out my bag and chomped em down. Not a bad taste. Not as bad as I expected. Kind of chewy. Anyways, we followed Mark to his house. When we got there we I still wasn't feeling it but everybody else seemed to be tripping hard except for Mark who didn't take any yet. Then disaster struck, Mark needed another extension cord. Shitty. So I said that I would go and I took Eric along for the ride. We really didn't know how to get there. We just followed Mark to get there so I didn't pay attention. Well, we got onto a main road and I found my way home. About 5 minutes before I arrived at my house I started to feel kind of buzzy. I got to my house and asked my dad if I could use another extension cord. It was cool with him so I grabbed another out of the van. The way back to Mark's house was a quite a journey. We decided to try to retrace Mark's route. Big mistake. Eric said he knew the way but he was tripping and he didn't know what he was talking about! I was started to trip hard and I was having some incredible visuals while driving. The tail lights on the car in front of me were dancing and I was getting quite scared because driving was starting to become a chore. Me and Eric were lost for like a half hour and we were yelling and screaming and laughing hysterically. "Who gives a fuck if where lost, I'm trippin ballz dood" I said while swirving all over the road. We just kept laughing and shit and turning into drive ways randomly. We turned into like 6 drive ways and we turned around and I made a few random turns then Eric was like "lets try this one." As soon as I turned into the driveway I knew it was Marks. Me and Eric yelled for joy(to this day I don't know how we made it!). We came to the end of his long-ass driveway and parked we got out and I felt very light all of a sudden. The world around me seemed very crooked and warped. I got up the stairs and Jon like "I can't believe you made it!" After the greeting I entered Mark's house. Holy shit. He had this really long room. I mean, damn. It was fucking long!!! I don't know what everybody else was doing but I stared to stare at the carpet and it looked like a lake. Then I looked the couch and it was floating in the lake!!! It was pure crazyness. We then ventured outside. It was pretty dark out(I assume it was around 8:30). The clouds were very fucked up that night. So I staired at the clouds and each cloud started to form as 1 huge cloud. I was seeing faces in the clouds as well. Everybody was throwing the football around while Mark connected the extension cords. I tried to participate but I was too fucked up. We got light into the trailor so we headed for it. We got in and sat down on the couch's and everybody started talking. I just sat there and watched the words come out of the their mouths but I didn't understand a word they were saying. I couldn't piece together the words in my head. Meanwhile, the floor was moving in geometrical patterns. I kept saying "whoa" kind of softly and under my breath. Ryan kept looking at me whenever I did that but he never asked me why I was saying it. I started to come down a little so I started drinking some beer. It was all good. We listened to some Tool. Then we invented the coolest game. The best tripping game of all time! We had a football. And were sitting on couch's around the room. We just started slamming the football around for no reason. Batting it back and forth. There were trash barrels in the room and went the football went it there we would all cheer very loudly. It was the most chill party spot. We could make all kinds of noise and no one cared. After the game I got my ounce outta my car and came back to the trailor. Everybody was coming down including myself so we rolled a 1/4 into one joint and sat around and smoked it for a while. It was cool. I was very stoned. I still had that weird tripping feeling in my body but my mind was started to clear out the cobwebs so I came back to a more normal world. We just sat around and talked for a little while. When I went home it was like 12:30 and I felt very refreshed. Not like acid where it took me a day to gain a good sense of reality. I felt very nice and I went to bed shortly after. It was a fun night with alot of strange experiences and the visuals were just great. I haven't been able to get any more magic mushies so this was my first and only trip. Shrooms kick ass!

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