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Shrooming in Holland

On a camping vacation in the Netherlands, me and a friend of mine decided one day to go shrooming.

On a camping vacation in the Netherlands, me and a friend of mine decided one day to go shrooming. Each one of us bought a 1.0g bag of powdered Stropharia cubensis at a local headshop, and returned to the camping site to our tent. This is what happened:

18.35 T-25: My friend ingested his Shroomies first by eating them raw.

18.50 T-10: He said he notices the onset of the Shrooms and said they are good.

19.00 T+0: I ingested the prepared mixture of shrooms and water i prepared before. It tasted very neutral and I thought it maybe would not be enough.

19.20 T+20: At this time I noticed the first alerts of the upcoming trip. My visual perception changed a bit, and my sight seemed to be sharper.

19.30 Waves of pure euphoria came over me. Weird, uncomplete thoughts of random themes flowed into my mind. My auditorial perception was greatly enhanced, and I could hear sounds and voices from overall. Although there were almost no camper speaking my language I could understand what they said. At this point, my friend and I decided to take a walk to a more silent spot, and this turned out to be a good decision. We walked outside the camping site to the "fietspad" (bicycle road), where we found a nice place above the road to sit down. There we smoked our prepared joint and relaxed. Colors were absolutely strong, and the yellow rock we were sitting on fascinated me. When I looked up in the sky, i saw little dots over it, which sometimes had a definite shape, sometimes not. I felt like standing in a falling elevator, without weight and free.

19.45 After smoking our joint we walked along the road and enjoyed the nature. Trees were so impressive and big, bushes
turned into animals. We walked for ca 10 minutes what seemed like an hour for me.

19.55 After deciding to head back to our tent, we heard a small bus coming towards the road. When it came nearer we saw that it were the police. My heart hid in my underwear, and it felt like gigantic electricity flowing through my body. But the police in the Netherlands is very liberal, and doesn't look for some youths taking some psilos.
We walked along the camping site and obviously the people walking around here, especially those ones using bicycles looked like 2-Dimensional Images sliding over a moving background. I saw a man looking like a sausage coming towards me, and i could barely hold myself not to laugh at him.

20.10 When we arrived at our tent we smoke some bowls of good weed, layed back and relaxed. The walls of the tent were breathing, and when i took a look on the t-shirt of my friend, the pattern on it moved and warped, and seemed to be a curling firework. We played around with a torch for a while, and found it very trippy. The traces of our hands, especially the fingers fascinated us extremely. I closed my eyes, and felt like I were laying on grass, looking in the sky and melting with the earth. 2-Dimensonial patterns danced before my closed eyes, and several brief images, one of a woman I have never seen before (I think), popped into my mind.

21.00 Someone near us turned on his Car Hifi System, and played some trippy trance music. I saw a oscillator-like thing which pulsed to the beat of the music, and was very funny to look at. During this phase deep thoughts of random themes cruised through my brain. I thought about how important and beautiful the unique individuality of everyone is, and how materialistic our world is.

22.30 Starting to come down... Thoughts became more ordered and the perception normalized. The mushrooms left us with a clear head, and much information to work at. We smoked many bowls of some weed till we went to bed ...

During the whole trip, it seemed that someone wanted me to receive his message, but I didn't, maybe because the dose was to low for this. I felt like that I haven't brought back much of the whole voyage, but I wrought what I know of this at this poing.

C'ya all in Shroomland(Holland)!
Johnny Blaze

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