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shroom ingestion number two. my favorite trip.

alright, so it was the second time i had taken shrooms.

alright, so it was the second time i had taken shrooms. we bought 12 grams off of someone for $60, because he was trying to get rid of them. so on top of the fact that we were ridiculously excited that we got a good deal, we were also going to be tripping.

at about 6:30, we took the shrooms with oranges and orange juice. i took 3.5; ate the stems and caps first, chewed &swallowed and chased it with orange juice. when it got down to the powderyish shake, i peeled off pieces of the orange and dipped it into the dust and ate it. they didn't taste bad at all, really.

apparently, i immediately got pale. my pupils dialated like crazy. the night was only beginning. made our way over to the garage, and the door was only half open. as soon as i s

my friend and i went on our way to a party a few towns away. they hadn't really hit us yet, so we were doing fine driving.

i didn't realize i was tripping until i stepped out of the car. when i looked up at the sky, it was amazing. the moon was surrounded by clouds, and the colors were ridiculously bright. the sky was almost purple-ish. we made our way over to a half-opened garage, and the minute we stepped inside, i felt like nothing i'd ever felt before.

i forgot i had a family, i forgot about reality, i lost my cigarettes.

the pong ball from the beer pong tournament bounced over to me. i just kind of looked at it. i was in a room with 20+ guys, and i was the only girl there. they were in the middle of a beerpong tournament. i just looked at it and said "i don't know what to do with this."

so i walked outside, and this kid pat was there. he knew i had taken shrooms, and he was like, "what's up?" and i was like, "i don't know what to do."

i got really tired of standing. and then i got really cold. so i walked with my friend over to his car to get a sweatshirt. we both sat in the backseat and forgot what we went there for in the first place. at this point, it was about 8:15, and i had completely "lost all fine-motor skills", as i put it. pretty much, i get too tired to hold a cigarette. it slips between my fingers. my palms were sweaty and i had been yawning for an hour straight.

we eventually walked back over, and i stood there watching five guys i didn't know and a friend of mine smoking weed. so, i looked around the yard and said, "i'm going to go sit on the stone wall." and one kid was like, "what stone wall?" and i pointed to it and went to sit down, and it kind of slid out and was just grass. i was so confused.

i started loving to look at things. i sat on the cold cement with my knees up to my chest. i was right below a garage light. that is important to note.

anyway, so this kid corey comes up and is all in my face, moving his face closer and further, and playing aorund with his facial expressions. it freaked me the fuck out, so i just looked down at the ground. i saw feet and cars. the feet began to vibrate and kind of move to the left, while the ground did the same, but started to move to the right. so it looked so much like everyone was vibrating and hovering just over the ground.

i looked up, and i saw the light above me, but i focused on the sky. the best way to describe what the sky looked like is with a harry potter reference. the sky in the "great hall" of harry potter is like, "bewitched to look like the outside", but you can also see the cieling. it's like, sky with cieling, but neither are 100% clear, and the opacity makes it seem like they're one thing.

so when i looked at the sky, i couldn't figure out what to focus on. the ceiling that i saw was ornate and reminded me of a church.

i decided to move by the fire with the people that were smoking weed. i sat in a metal chair and looked at the sky. it started to twinkle. there were weird clouds that turned into an octopus, and the tentacles were waving at me. this is when i realized that i had lost my cigarettes.

i walked around the yard trying to find my cigarettes. let me remind you, it was about 8:30 at night, not exactly daylight. there was a porch light, but the fence around the top of the porch made the light go in lines accross the yard. i forgot where i was going and what i was looking for. when i looked at the ground, the grass turned into snakes and they started moving and curling into each other. i screamed and started to run, but then i looked back at the grass and saw "tropical frogs", as i put it.

that was enough of nature. and i knew i wasn't going to find my cigarettes, so i went and sat in my friend's car in the driveway. we listened to music, and it was the best thing i'd ever heard. tom petty when you are tripping balls is amazing. i felt a "sense of urgency", which is how i put it. like, everything that i did, i had to do it that second. and my whole body felt like an electric toothbrush that was turned on. it was kind of, buzzing. it was a really weird feeling. so anyway, i sat in the car and looked at my hands. my palms, to be more exact. and my hands started to fade into themselves. they went from my hands, to hands of an old woman. it was kind of like, foreshadowing of what my hands would look like when i was old? i guess? but, it was a ridiculous experience. i just kept staring at them, and the lines on my hands started to swirl around and morph.

i didn't really feel out of control, but i didn't really know what i was doing, either.

i felt detatched from my body. i kept saying, "who fucking cares!" because, nothing mattered to me. and i kept saying, "there is nothing else like this feeling.", because i couldn't describe it to anyone. i smiled constantly. couldn't get one off of my face.

i sat and looked at the ceiling. the ceiling looked like it was breathing. and then it turned into cells, that were dividing and multiplying. this later becomes the way i check to see how hard i'm tripping.

anyway, i had a terrible time searching through my pocketbook for anything. i had no energy, but i wanted to run. my body and mind were in a fight for control, pretty much. i felt amazing. music seemed like the only thing i needed to live. cigarettes went right through me.

after that, we drove. yes, it was a bad idea. but yes, it was necessary. we had told a friend's mom that we would pick up her little sister at the movies after it was over. i called her and she wouldn't make definite plans with me, and it aggrivated me so much for some reason. i think one time someone said to me, "don't take shrooms and not have a plan. because you'll go nuts. it'll drive you crazy." and so i was dead-set on having plans. plus i kept forgetting everything, anyway.

so we left the party at 9:30. the road was crazy. at first it moved differently than the car, and i really thought that we were flying. i still didn't feel like i was in my body. nothing mattered other than that moment.

the road seemed really narrow. the sky looked purple, the road looked black, and the yellow lines on the road matched the yellow in traffic signs perfectly. colors seemed more intense than they usually are. lights bothered my eyes. whenever a car came by, it looked like floating headlights instead of an actual car, because the lights were all i could see.

i really can't tell you much more, other than i felt completely content the whole time. no matter what i did, i felt happy that i was doing it. i couldn't get a smile off of my face. trees seemed to "wiggle", even when there was no wind. i forgot about reality. i lost track of time. i felt paranoid that there were cop lights behind the car the WHOLE time.

it was definitely a good experience. that was my favorite trip. it lasted well into the morning hours, i didn't fall asleep until 1 or 2.

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