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Shroom Experince #1

12:30- I get to Carrie's house, the girl who I am shrooming with and we call our guy to bring our shrooms.

12:30- I get to Carrie's house, the girl who I am shrooming with and we call our guy to bring our shrooms. I'm also there with my boyfriend (chad) and a girl named Kris who both weren't shrooming.
1:15- The shrooms arrive. Carrie and I got an eigth to split and we were pissed because we definatly didn't get an eighth in our back, we had a total of 4 stems and 3 caps, we figured we should have gotten another stem and maybe 2 caps. We ate the shrooms and chased them with dr. pepper. they didn't taste too bad, just a realy gritty texture, no flavor.
1:45- We are getting impatient because we aren't feeling the effects of the shrooms yet, even though it usually takes about 45 minutes. We go outside and smoke a bowl to try to get it to kick in. I take a hit off of it and I am absolutely knocked off my feet. Besides the fact that I took a mad hit, after about 5 minutes I sat down and couldn't really focus or concentrate on anythnig. I looked at Carrie adn asked if she was starting to feel and and she was.

2:10- I'm in Cassie's room all by myself just looking at lights and posters and things. I start to get scared because my body was twitching and I couldn't control it. I saw little black and white lines all aruond things and my body was tingling. I started to tweak out a litle bit,thinking that I was dying because my body was tingling, but then I just told myself I was tripping and i realized the tingling felt cool.

2:15- Chad comes in and tries talking to me and I couldn't even hold a conversation. I had no short term memory, and lost all sense of time. I was mumbling and twitching and he just laughed at me, partly because he was high. we lay there and i just look at things and am amazed by how bright all the colors are. I had mad tracers when i moved things around it was cool.

2:45- After staying in Carries room for 45 minutes I then went out to the living room with Carrie and Kris to watch tv. Some cleaning man came to clean the floors and when he brought the paper over to Carrie so she could sign it I noticed him scratchinghis stomach and it looked so amazing and surreal. I just sat there with a stupid grin on my face, then I noticed he was smiling at me and I started to wig out, thinking he knew I was shrooming. After he left I calmed down, and we left to go drive around.

4:00-ish- the lights of the cars on the streets and the motion was awesome. I felt like I was staying still and the street was moving underneath me, the moving cars became blurs. Then as I looked at the houses we drove by they looked like they were from a cartoon, like the simpsons or something, I was just amazed, like I was experiencing everything for a first time.

5:00- we get to a girl named jennifer's house who was having people over. I still couldn't holda conversation with people. I was sitting next to a big fat guy named jon who was realy drunk. I looked at his face and it morped into this evil looking face, and I started to wig out again, Carrie noticed it too and we both got scared, but then we calmed down soon. We couldn't really talk to anyone, I was physically capable of it now, but I couldn't think right, everything was really confusing. I couldnt' remember how I got where I was or where I was or what I wasdoing.

5:45- I leave in a strange car with strange people to go to mcdonalds.. I'm with carrie and 2 guys who I knew but wasn't great friends with. One of the guys was really hyper and was moving all aruond and tweakin me out once again. I got scared and huddled into the door and waited until we got to mcdonalds. when i got to mcdonalds i felt like everyone waslooking at me, like they knew i was shrooming. it tweaked me out too. we didn't have anywhere to go so we stayed at mcdonalds. i started to want chad because i was tweakin so much, but i didn't want to tell anybody i was tweaking because i had this feeling like they were all against me, so i just held it in. finally we left and i found chad.

6:30- by this time its 6:30 and i start to feel like i'm coming down. i can hold normal conversations, but i'm still having a body buzz. i go to mcdonald's again with just chad, and this time i eat. i started to really tweak out again when the guy at the cash register couldn't figure out how to use it. little things seemed to set me off and wig me out.

8:00- i go to carrie's house with about 7 other people, and i start to feel like i was shrooming hard again, watching the fire adn the tv seemed amazing. it wasn't as intense as before, buts till beautiful.

9:30- i go to chad's with just chad, and i've come down a lot, but i still have a little body buzz,twitching, and confusion. we go to my house at 11, and fall asleep. i forgot to tell my parents iwas home, and after chad left at 12, my dad came in my room, turned on my lights and woke me up. i started wigging out like nothing else, praying he wouldn't notice anythnig, even though i was basically normal. he didnt' notice and i went to sleep.

shrooming was a fun experience, but i wouldn't do it around a lot of people, unless tehy are all shrooming too. i couldn't socialize thatmuch, but it was fun. don't do it by yourself, because you might tweak out, like i did at first until i was with chad. be with people you trust. i'll probably do it once more with chad, and then never again probably. i like drinking better.

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