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shroom debut

This was my first time shrooming, although I had been wanting to try them for some time.

This was my first time shrooming, although I had been wanting to try them for some time. There was 4 of us who split a quarter between us. We ate them with peanut butter sandwhiches to conceal the supposed bad taste. They didn't seem all that bad to me. Then we sat back and watched sportscenter waiting for them to kick in.

About an hour later I hear my friends mumbling things to themselves every now and then. They're also staring at the walls constantly. My one friend, who also had never shroomed before just stood up and said, "This is awesome, are you feeling this?" I was not.

I was getting rather pissed off that nothing was happening to me while my friends were well on their way. I though maybe I had some kind of immune system that completely disabled the chemicals within shrooms. After about an hour and a half I still felt nothing. Looking back it had much to do with the big meal I had eaten right before consumption, but I didn't know the two were related at the time).

Suddenly three more guys came over and sort of hung out and were shrooming too. We told them that I wasn't feeling anything, so one guy pulls out a joint and says, "I hear smoking will kick start it." So we lit it and passed it around. Within minutes I felt my head get real "thick" it's hard to explain. I remember thinking it was like my eyes were a camera and someone pushed the zoom lens all the way. I wasn't sure what was going on, but I know it was something.

I first got an idea when I looked at a glass of water on the table and noticed that I could control the bubbles that were floating around in it. Then my friend said we were ready for this video he had. I'm sure many of you have seen it. My friend loves this video and it's his favorite thing to watch on shroomsl. It's "So Far" by the Grateful Dead. It was wild.

The funniest part was before he even put it in. He was rewinding the tape and meanwhile on the television was an episode of Jerry Springer. I remember seeing something scroll along the bottom of the screen like channels do for a thunderstorm or tornado warning. Only it wasn't words. It was a combintaion of numbers and the characters right above them on a key pad.

I was so paranoid and didn't know I could be hallucinating that I was convinced this was the video he was talking about (I had never seen it) and that it was made to look like a Jerry Springer show and show all kinds of weird shit like that.

Then we watched the video and had a great time. Halfway throough a friend of mine came in (sober) and asked what it was like. The best analogy I could think of was that it was like those guys who surf in white water rapids without really going anywhere. And that I was on dry land talking to this sober guy while everyone else was surfing, and I wanted to get back and join them. I'm not sure if that makes sense, but it did at the time and still does to me.

After the video we went on an adventure around campus and stopped at the art gallery and looked at all the painting and each one told a novel. I remember thinking I could write a million pages on every little thing. Then we sat up on a hill and looked out around campus and I compared the sensory enhancement to that of Jack Nicholson in the movie "Wolf." I felt like I could hear people hundreds of yards away, which I may or may not have been able to.

Then we went back and put in Dark Side of the Moon. I remember the beginning when there is that deep bass pulse it felt like the walls were all emmitting crazy sounds. I was amazed that the sound felt like it was coming in all directions even on our tiny stereo. While we listened we looked for something on TV. Lo and behold it was a free Disney weekend and Alice in Wonderland was on. We couldn't have asked for something better.

When we noticed we were coming down we tried different foods just to enjoy their texture in our mouths. I always enjoy crunchy foods.

Overall, a wonderful first time and a great welcome into a new world.

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