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Shroom Baby

I started off my evening with just under 2 grams of dried shrooms.

I started off my evening with just under 2 grams of dried shrooms. I had a class at 6:30 so I decided it might be a fun evening to eat some shrooms and just hang out and be shroomy. Just before class I ate the mushrooms by breaking them up into little chunks and eating each chunk with a vanilla wafer to mask the taste and the texture. I went to class and sat there, slowly noticing the effects coming over me. Since I hadn't eaten dinner the shrooms came over me quickly and I began to feel somewhat uncomfortable sitting in class. When the talk in class turned to a story about a man showing up in the middle of one of my classmate's rooms in the middle of the night and just standing over him as he slept, I realized that I couldn't take sitting there any more. I got up and left (which is not uncommon for this class) and returned to my dorm room. Once I got back to my room I was sort of annoyed with myself, think "What did I do, I'm gonna be shrooming all night," sort of running in the back of my head. I thought some music might change my mood but as I've often found with shroom trips I couldn't really decide what I wanted and bumbled around my room changing CD's and turning the fan on and off (because I couldn't really decide if I was hot or cold). I decided that I wanted to watch TV, just so I could absorb myself in a good movie and just go with the flow. Unfortunately, I thought my TV wasn't working because I had lent it to my girlfriend because hers was broken and, when you unplug the TV and turn it back on, you have to reprogram it, but you need the remote which she'd forgotten to return. I gave up trying to fix it, and bumbled around a little longer trying to think what to do. I realized that all I really wanted to do was watch TV. I turned the TV back on and miraculously it was working, except none of the channels would come in. A second later I realized that the cable still hadn't been plugged in. I plugged it in and it worked! I began to flip the channels and tried to find something to watch. I landed on Hackers. I had seen most of the movie before and realized as I was watching it that I didn't really like it. I flipped some more and found The Simpsons. I watched the rest of the episode, and liked all the bright colors on the TV. When they ended I couldn't find anything else to watch so I turned to my very limited film selection. A Fish Called Wanda caught my eye and I popped that in and started to watch. I can't remember when I stopped watching it, but I soon found myself chatting on my computer with some of my friends at other schools and back home. I was excited to find that one of my best friends was also tripping on morning glory seeds. We sat and typed excited nonsense to each other until we both realized that we needed to get away from the computer. So I bid him a great trip and left the computer. Since I hadn't eaten dinner I was beginning to feel a little bit hungry and was starting to come down a little bit. I decided to make macaroni and cheese. I gathered some utensils that I thought might be useful but couldn't really figure out what I needed so I just set out for the kitchen in the basement of the dorm and hoped that I could figure it out once I got there. Once in the kitchen I managed to measure a suitable amount of water in the pan and began to boil it. A bit later I added the macaroni (which were in the shape of Rugrats characters). I left them for a little while to go to the computer lab (which was right down the hall) and mess with the computers for a second. I returned a couple of minutes later to find the pot almost boiling over and turned down the heat. The little people in the pan were suitably cooked so I drained the water and attempted to mix the other ingredients together. It was hard to figure out what I was doing and I considered going to find my friend, Trish, to tell her that I was all shroomy and couldn't figure out what I was doing and ask her to help. I wasn't sure where she was so I plunged on and ended up with some macaroni and cheese soup. During this time I had a thought that I really liked. It went like this: if you get all the shroompapas and the shroomamas together, then you can just shroombaby-shroombaby-shroombaby So I found myself chanting this as I returned to my room. Once there, I ate some of it, but it wasn't very good so I left it there. I left my room and headed down the hall where I found Trish and some other people talking. I talked with them for a bit but I was still a little fungal and found their conversation somewhat strange. I returned to my room where my excited roommate told me that the news from his home town was that there was a serial killer on the loose and the police had found 6 bodies in the river. Furthermore, all the victims were similar in appearance to one of his best friends who luckily had recently moved away from that town. This conversation fucked me up a little and I left to find big, strange pictures on the wall of the hall. They hadn't been there before and it was uncommon to find pictures on the wall. This finding also fucked with me. I went across the hall to talk to my friend, Mike. Mike suggested that we head to the recreation area of the dorm and play some pool. Once we got down there we flipped through the channels on the Primestar satellite system and soon found Billy Madison on TV. The movie comforted me and we began to play pool while we watched the movie. By the time we were done playing pool I realized that I was hungry and began to forage in the little kitchen connected to the recreation area. I found some suitable ingredients (I'm not quite sure whose they were), and began to fry some eggs with some cream cheese and salsa. I devoured my little late-night treat and we watched the rest of the movie. Once the movie was over, it was about 2:00 a.m. and we returned to our rooms. Once we got back to his room there were a bunch of people there, so we sat and talked for a little while until I decided that I should get to bed because I had class in the morning. I fell asleep quite content, and glad that I had undertaken this little adventure.

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