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Shedding inhibitions

I'm a semi-experienced shroomer, having tripped maybe a dozen or so times.

I'm a semi-experienced shroomer, having tripped maybe a dozen or so times. But this trip was one that I really enjoyed, for very special reasons.

About a week ago, some housemates from last year called me up and asked if I wanted to trip with them. I hadn't eaten mushrooms since the summer so I jumped at the chance. Ever since school started this year, I've really been very busy so I haven't smoked or anything either. Buyt since shrooms are just in a class all their own, I thought I might as well.

When Friday rolled around, we split 4 grams between the three of us. The price was right, but the quality was mediocre. Anyway, within ten minutes or so I could feel the beginnings of a great trip. But unlike other times, this was a head/mind trip unlike any I had experienced. We began talking about what we were going to do that night, and we settled on a coffeeshop. What is funny is that these two guys are self-proclaimed "jocks" who are used to guzzling beer and listening to dance music. But their attitudes this night were entirely different.

Just like all my other trips, nature took high priority over synthesized environments (I think most of you would agree that there is NO place like the woods or forest!!). Having made me their "trip guide" We walked through the woods behind our residence, and onto a Golf Course. Interestingly enough it had recently been aerated, so there were holes everywhere and little plugs of dirt everywhere too. I started to wonder what it would be like to drive a golf ball off of one of these newly made holes.

So we marveled at a few nature sights then headed down to the bus stop to go downtown. As I said, at this time I only had slight visuals, but my mind was racing with a million thoughts and observations! We boarded the bus, and immediately noticed that there were blue fluorescent lights everywhere. That was far out. In fact the bus ride was overwhelming in that even when the bus was standing we thought that it was moving forward. I experienced a little gut rot, and I helped pull one of my friends out of a potential bad trip. TIGHT, BUSY ENVIRONMENTS ARE NOT CONDUCIVE TO MUSHROOMS TRIPS. So me and the "Jocks" were sitting in a coffeeshop at 11:30 on a Friday Night, drinking herbal tea and pondering life's subtleties. And the thoughts continued to flow. Why are alcohol-related parties so different than party where people are smoking pot? Why does our university raise tuition? Why do we have to print things on clean white pieces of bleached paper? My environmentalism seemed to have left a lasting impression.

We were still pretty high when we were in the coffeeshop. SO we took off for a local alternative club that usually plays great music, mostly acid jazz and 60's stuff. But we spent ten minutes in there because we were far too uncomfortable with all of these drunken people around us. One friend said" Look at how she's dancing. She represents sin". So we left.

I know this trip doesn't have many "crazy visuals" in it, and no, we weren't "all fucked up" . But the influence of teonanactl that night changed my two friends, and me for that matter. I was in a state of disbelief at how lucky we are as individuals. This is why the mushroom should always be respected; with proper attention it opens perceptual doors you never knew existed. Granted, it provides hallucinations, which are kind of fun too. But the effect on behaviour is, for me, a greater gift.

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