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Share the Beautiful

"Dude," I said.

"Dude," I said. "I wanna do shrooms."
"All right, bro," he replied, "we'll fucking make it happen."
Two weeks later I was back in Seattle, and it was on. Myself and two tight brothers were going to do some shrooms. They were experienced, I was not.
We split two eighths between the three of us by cooking the shrooms into tea, straining it, and then drinking.
I was a little obsessed with not having any preconceived notions and just remaining comfortable, so about ten minutes later when I started to feel stoned, it was great. We were at their house just standing around in the kitchen talking with this girl, and I was being super silly like I always get after smoking weed. I decide that we should go to the UW, which was about five blocks away, and they totally agree.
We start walking to campus, and I'm simply giggling up a storm, while one of the guys is talking about how vibrant the colors are, and trying to get me to notice, which I eventually do. We get to the main UW entrance, and the two dudes go off to piss, while I remain fixated on the brilliantly green hue cast by a street lamp reflecting off of a tree. I look up to the night sky (which felt so refreshing), and the next thing I know, the leaf-less tree limbs above my head are beginning to move in some not-so-natural ways. It was then that I knew it was on, that I was entering a metaphysical gateway of sorts. After pissing, my friends come back, and I show them the tree limbs, to which they momentarilly admire. The next thing I know, we are sprinting into the main body of the UW campus, laughing, and waving our arms.
"I feel like I could talk to Jesus tonight," I say.
"You should, bro! What would you tell him?"
"That the Passion of the Christ sucked ass!"
We come upon the flagpole, which is illuminated, and consequently awesome. One dude points out where some light is being brilliantly reflected off of a skylight, and all I could think was that it was damn near a gateway to heaven; it was indescribably beautiful. Next thing I know, we're decending some stairs into Red Square, the stairs looking like they're puffing out all crazy, the metal hand rail feels really good (almost good enough to kiss), and they're beatboxing while I sing Faith No More's "Epic."
We hit Red Square and lay down on the bulkheads in the middle, staring up at the night sky, elegantly draped with clouds. I look over to some trees and decide that I simply must touch them. I go to one, feel the barks incredible texture over and over, while practically verbally making love to the damn thing, as I convince myself that I am but an insignificant nothing compared to something so old and sentient as a tree. I am also convinced that the secret name for Earth is "Cabrooshla." At this, my companions laugh their socks off.
We skip off toward Drumheller fountain, and we're trying to read some signs, but I for one can't unless I'm nose to nose. We get to Drumheller, which is calmly relfecting the surrounding illumination, and I just want to do crazy at how awesome it looks...I was also experiencing great body highs, and babbling about revelations. I then become convinced, after seeing a particularly majestic building, that this whole scene is the earthly manifestation of Beethoven's music, and that the man must have had some sort of unspoken genius. The three of us then decide that we want to go back home and listen to classical music! Hurray!
We're walking back toward Red Square, and I am simply going on and on about this and that about the universe and the world. We decide to go to the Quad.
In the Quad are some rain puddles, which I decide to jump in. The splashing water was SO RAD! I get the dudes to join me, and we are simply having a completely merry time. I find great joy in breathing the night air, and complain about the fact that my lungs are simply too small. We walk over to a bench beneath a lamp.
"Now I understand how they make musicals," I say, sprawling across the bench and beholding the sky. "I just feel like singing about this RIGHT NOW!"
One of my friends indeed begins to sing, and I smile up at the clouds, one of which looks like a HUGE smiling cloud. I make different facial faces, and it mimicks me perfectly; I can't help but feel love emanating from it. Soon it begins to branch off into a multitude of other, identically smiling clouds, as they float away. God, definitely one of my favorite moments ever.
We walk up toward this outdoor bulletin board that has tons and tons of paper scraps on it, and as we approach it just looks like the most intricate mosaic ever made. In fact, it's so crazy, I can't even make out what it is at first, or if it's even real. I put my hand on top and get a nasty surprise, as my already filthy hands get covered in slime.
"Shit this is gross," I exclaim. "...and yet, somehow beautiful!"
"No, dude," I hear. "I think that's just gross. If you can convince me that it's beautiful, I'll give you a dollar."
I ascend a staircase beneath another lamp, raise my hand into the air, and give some kind of solliloquy. Next I turn to a bush and stick my face into it, relishing in the wonderful sensations I feel as the limbs brush over my face. We realize we're missing a companion, so we go look for him; he's sitting on a sewer cap, still enraptured by the "mosaic." Someone throws Good N' Plenty candies at him, and for a moment, I'm utterly convinced that the sky rained them down. I pick some off the ground and start chewing...oh god, the taste and the texture were magnificent. I go back to the face-putting-in-bush and repeat. This time I open my eyes, and as I breath, the bush is breathing with me. I take in big, big breaths and marvel at how the bush expands and breaths, then exhales along with me...it was incredible.
Next we go up to Denny Hall, which is surrounded by scaffolding and sneak into the construction. I decided to go pee on a window, and my companions sneak off and climb to the top of Denny (an otherworldly experience I unfortunately missed). I get lost, feel alone, and feel like I'm in an industrial bone-yard, at which point I begin to panic. I call out for my friends, but no one answers. I want to cry, I'm so scared. Luckily I'm able to get ahold of one of them by phone, and they come down. The world is all right again.
They decide they need coffee, so we start heading for the Ave. On the way we pass some beautiful muddy leaves, a cop, and discover this HUUUGE steam vent, which we dance around on top of. Oh my god...sooo rad.
We get back to civilization and the bombardment of people is almost too much...I can't look at people. At the cafe we go to, there's a sit-down Tetris, which I HAD to play. At first I was incredibly skilled, and then I realized I didn't want to get abandoned so I quickly quit.
We lose one friend, head back to the house, and drink red wine, while eventually listening to Arch Enemy. Coming down was a trip in itself. Our whole adventure at UW took less than two hours it turns out!! Time transcended!
Words don't convey what my first trip was like...and I've lost some of the concrete memories of it, but my god...the universe was definitely made much more clear...at least for a little while.

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