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Well, I'm now at n=2 for rue + high dose Ps.

Well, I'm now at n=2 for rue + high dose Ps. Cub. andhere are my observations.

Unlike straight Ps. Cub., both trips were *very* similar in both what was presented and "look and feel." Set and setting seemed to have very little effect. It was as if the pure mental effect was so strong that external stimulii were blown away. To draw from star trek, the ego has been shifted from death to disintegrate and there is a whole new demention to time loss. Recreational potential: 3 to 5 on a scale of 0-10.

Fun things to do:
Reexperience the big bang.
Crawl into and out of complete solipsism
learn about such concepts as self and other in a whole new way
talk with God
Be God
rebuild your personality from scratch
shift to other universes
create other universes
be other universes
go "before" and "after" time
Get in touch with really primal experiences and emotions

Things which are noticably differant: there is very little euphoria, the visuals seem to mainly be distortions during the main part of the trip (ie the pretty paterns go away). While over whelming at times, memory of the events seems to be retained. It lasts 10+ hours. It has a less friendly "feel" or as a friend says "it is more 'shamanistic.'"

A guide and a place where yelling "aha!" at the top of your lungs is ok, seem to be really good ideas for me atleast :) It also seems to have a pretty heavy body load.

Remember: treat the body you see as if it were your own.

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