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shaker box

ok - the level is hard to distinguish now.

ok - the level is hard to distinguish now. i tried amanitas freshly harvested late august in some mountains not too far from my house. my friend and i dried them in a *warm* oven and tripped them that night. after hearing many reports of nausea, we split a bowl and turned on the amazing jonathon (hilarious when stoned... ^_^)

well - i think the weed set in before the shrooms, only because my eyelids were heavy and i got the spinnies. i laid down on the floor and concentrated on a blue xmas light in my buddy's room. it helped the spinnies.

after about 30 - 40 minutes, i began moving my hand (mostly my fingers) back and forth. i cannot even begin to explain the body high. i could feel the muscles and tendons extend up through my arm and into my shoulder. i think i sat there for 20 minutes amazed at this. since we only smoked 1 bowl, i wasn't too stoned to have my wits gone...

only when we turned off the lights did i regret doing the amanitas. dark side of the moon was on, and the glow-in-the-dark stars and planets on my friend's ceiling were the only light source. i dozed off lightly (pot makes me sleepy)

when the alarms hit at the beginning of "time" i was jolted awake, and chris' room started to move in random, jerky patterns. his room is shaped like a railroad boxcar - and i was at one end. up and down, left and right... i began to get really sick. i had to turn over and close my eyes, and i fell into a fitful sleep (unconscious - no dreams) for the rest of the night.

having done psilocybins before, i was kind of dissappointed with these shrooms. the next day i had what can be only described as a pot/shroom hangover - it sucked royally.

heed everybody's advice, first-timers: stay away from the amanitas, eh?

-the mighty sven

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