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Shakedown and P-Funk

In the beginning of August, my friends and I attended a show in Dunnville, Ontario Canada.

In the beginning of August, my friends and I attended a show in Dunnville, Ontario Canada. It was called Freakout '99 and it was a big festival with people camping out and consuming a fair bit of drugs. But the real reason we were there was to see P-Funk perform (they were the headliner). Unfortunately, we later learned they would be there without George Clinton. For those who don't know P-Funk, they are a crazy phat funk group from the 70's that are still together (with a few lineup changes). Anyway, we got to the festival mid-afternoon and were surprised that there weren't more people. There must have been about 100 at that point. We were greeted by the sound of Nitrous tanks as we pulled in to the lot (not my scene AT ALL) so I wasn't quite sure what to expect. We set up our tents and perused the local vendors. Mostly head shop stuff. We were offered drugs continually, mostly E and Acid but as the day progressed a few people offered us some mushrooms. We resisted temptation until we ran into a friend of a friend who sold us some very nice, full-bodied fungus free of shake. We downed the shrooms just as the sky opened up and poured down on us. The bands had been delayed, leaving only the DJ's spinning a variety of electronica while ravers and others got high. They kicked in after about half an hour, and the first thing I noticed was that my legs were extremely weak. I decided to go hang out in the tent because I thought it would be cool with all the rain coming down. Once I was in the tent I started to trip out hard core. There were incredible shadows being cast onto the tent from people walking by, and I thought i was going to wig out. Luckily I got pulled out by a friend and so I went to dance to the sounds of the Fat Cats, a local Canadian band. As I slowly peaked on some fantastic shrooms, FC broke into "Shakedown Street" to commemorate the festival. That was allit took to send me reeling into infinity. I writhed and wriggled until I couldn't possibly dance any more, wghich was just in time for the set break. After the break and a few joints, P-Funk took the stage and went into "up on the downstroke". They funked it up so bad I thought I had died a few times. Anyway, the shrooms wore off eventually, and I was still riding a great natural high as aI bedded down with a new friend I had met at the concert ;)

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