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Sexual Tension

I wanted to recount my latest trip to everyone cause it was kind of unique in that it occured with 3 women and myself.

I wanted to recount my latest trip to everyone cause it was kind of unique in that it occured with 3 women and myself.

Usually, unlike most people on this group, I like to trip with other people and have never done it by myself (although I have, at times, found myself very alone). Tripping has generally been recreational for me as well as my friends and I don't really think this has lessened the experience at all. Sorry not to be treating it as serious as many of you do but we find mushrooms to be lots of fun and that is just the way it is.

Anyway, my latest adventure occured with me, my girlfriend and to other female friends. The setting was my friends apartment which is a studio in a very old house which has been converted into many individual apartments. The washroom was shared by others in the building and was located down the hall through a few doors(which proved difficult later). The girls had prepared many beautiful plates of sliced fresh fruit, including melon, kiwi, mandarin oranges and strawberries. I brought the shrooms and my girlfriend and I also purchased a variety of candies and suckers(the best being fun dip). I prepared the shrooms in what I have found to be the best way for consumption(cause I cant stand the taste); I ground the shrooms in a coffee grinder(bud buster) and added them to some orange juice with one scoop of vanilla ice cream. I decided on how much each person should consume by looking into their eyes to see how much they REALLY wanted. I also wanted to give each enough to bring us all to the same level. I gave my girlfriend 2 grams, one of my friends 3-4 grams and about 5-6 grams to my other friend (she's a trooper) and myself. We all drank our Special Orange Julius's at the same time and then took a picture as our pre trip control. My girlfriend and I sat on the couch, one friend lied in bed with the blakets over her and my other friend say directly across from me. I felt the begining of the rumblings in my stomach in about 15 minutes as the energy of the shrooms began to flow into my body. My friend across from me decided to smoke some pot at this time cause she likes to be stoned first and then all of a sudden realize she is tripping. After about 25 minutes, the shrooms were really coming on. As I looked across at my friend, she seemed to change into a 2 dimensional cardboard cut out (much like some kind of Budweiser girl ad) and then back to her 3-D self. I found this to be very cool. Soon after, this friend decided she needed to go into the kitchen where she proceeded to sit on the floor. One added bonus we had with us was one of those round glass balls that shoot electricity from the centre to the glass (you have to see it to believe it). When you touch the glass the electricity comes to your hand. Needless to say, this ball of electricity WAS the first half of our trip. Soon, my one friend got out of bed and she, my girlfriend and myself were mesmerized by it. I was convinced at first that the ball was in fact a giant human egg and my hand was a sperm. When I touched the ball, it instantly changed and I thought for sure that this was the begining of a new life. The girls had different ideas about this but for me, this was the first instance of a feeling of male/female (sperm/egg) in the room. This was strange cause I have never noticed this before in the same way. Soon after this, my kitchen friend began to stir and she immediately got into bed. Soon after, so did my other friend and then with a little persuasion, so did my girlfriend. Now I was the only one not in the bed and I was overwhelmed by a feeling that the room was divided into a male and female camp. The girls asked me to get into the bed with them but for some reason, I felt that I had to stay where I was. I was the last bastion of testosterone in the room and I sat half on the couch, half on the floor with the ball. Just me and my ball against what I believed were the estrogen queens. The feeling of feminity permeated the room and me and I wanted very badly to get into the bed with them and at the same time, stay where I was. Part of me wanted nothing more than to jump into bed and have sex with all of these women but part of me also did not, especially cause my girlfriend was one of them. I thought that if I got into bed she might be pissed off with me but eventually, I gave in and climbed into bed. Although I very much wanted to touch everyone in bed, I also thought that it was fine that we all be there as friends and not do anything. I began to feel that my male side (wanting to have sex) was being overwhelmed by female side(wanting to be with these girls in a loving, none sexual way) which was intensified by the presence of the other girls. At this point, I fell into a bit of a loop as some of you have described. During this time, it was like I was in a trance or imploding as my one friend likes to say. The girls got out of bed and did a little exploring in the hallway during this time before they got back in bed. When I awoke from my trance, I looked around the room and pronounced to all that I was THE KING and that we could do whatever we wanted. I then procceeded to eat the fruit and throw the peels onto the floor(it wasnt quite the mess I thought it was). I very much wanted to have sex with all the girls at this time but the fear that I would hurt my girlfriend held me back. The feeling of male/female was gone but I very much wanted to go to the bathroom but at the same time was a little bit afraid to. The hallway seemed very scary to me but I managed to run out and back into bed before anyhting bad happened to me. It was about 4 hours in now and things began to return to normal so me and the my two friends began to smoke some pot from a communal water pipe. Needles to say, we had some good conversation and fun before some guys who I didnt know came into the room. These guys were friends of my friends but they were drunk and I was a little jealous that they were barging into my kingdom. Soon after, I began to get the feeling that these guys were actually undercover cops so I told my girlfriend it was time to leave. I felt myself really starting to get paranoid and I had to get out of there fast, which we did. As we headed home, I began to think that maybe those guys were actually pimps who were trying to coerce my friends to be prostitutes. Talk about being paranoid. Anyway, one interesting note was that my girlfriend had felt a very loving feeling inthe room when we were all in bed which wasnt sexual at all while I definiely felt alot of sexual tension.

Anyway, it is hard to describe everything so I hope this gives everyone an idea what was going on.

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