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Level 2

Bright colors, and visuals (i.e. things start to move and breathe), some 2 dimensional patterns become apparent upon shutting eyes. Confused or reminiscent thoughts. Change of short term memory leads to continual distractive thought patterns. Vast increase in creativity becomes apparent as the natural brain filter is bypassed.


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  • PrOpS 2 ShRoOmS
    The first time i took shrooms was about 3 days ago,I was at a party at a friends house.

  • Mild Hysteria
    10:00 p.

  • celestial music
    Last saturday (11 jul 99), 5g of well dried psylicibe cubensis, grown in trier, germany, found their way into my mcdonalds mixed salad and started to work about half an hour later.

  • First Timer
    Hi Everyone, My first trip was a blast.

  • Ya got me..
    Well to get started this was my first trip, and it was one of the greatest expiriences of my life.

  • trippin
    I first tripped at 18.

    This was my second real good trip.

    OK, here it goes.

  • The Cave Report
    When I was 17 years old (many years ago) I went on a journey that was easily the most memorable mushroom experience I have ever had (yet).

  • Journey in Cycles
    Kicked in after about half an hour, after an intense wave of nausea.

  • the crystal tree
    //\////\\////////\\\\////////////////\\\\\\\\ A leafless fall tree was the object of my voluntary view.

  • The Dark Crystal
    This is a report of my first shroomin' experience.

  • KISS My Ass
    A few weeks ago, a friend and I decided to get some shrooms on a whim.

  • Kissing Triangles
    Last halloween, I went party hopping with my girlfriend and her friends.

  • The Dragon
    Well, I have only tripped maybe a handfull of times at best, but I felt compelled to report this one as it was a bit different from the other times.

  • kleenex?
    I had an unusual trip because I threw up at the begining but the trip wasn't bad.

  • The End Of The World
    I live in Canada where most winters it is cold, snowy, icy, whatever.

  • Late Night Trip
    Friday night I ate 20 grams of fresh Psilocybe cubensis at midnight.

  • Crises
    It's getting to be quite a few years back now that Walt Disney made a terrible film called The Black Hole.

  • the golden room
    i have been very interested in the golden teacher strain,and this was my first trip on 3grams of this mushroom.

  • Letting it flow
    Pullman, WASHINGTON (November 19th) It was my girlfriend's birthday.

  • The Great Went
    • 1.00

    It was the first day of the great went (Big Phish Concert in Maine) it was an hour before the gates opened I had just gotten done makeing two roast beef sandwiches each one had 2.

  • The Jungle Gym
    I wrote this report the couple of days after the friday that I tripped with two other people, DC and SK.

  • The Life in Lights
    A few months ago, two friends and I decided to invest our money in some dank shrooms.

  • Look out tokyo
    OK, my two friends had just came over, and gave me some shrooms, little less than an 1/8.

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