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Level 2

Bright colors, and visuals (i.e. things start to move and breathe), some 2 dimensional patterns become apparent upon shutting eyes. Confused or reminiscent thoughts. Change of short term memory leads to continual distractive thought patterns. Vast increase in creativity becomes apparent as the natural brain filter is bypassed.


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  • Glastonbury 99
    This trip occurred in the summer of 99, at the infamous Glastonbury Festival, England.

  • Lisa Simpson
    I'd done shrooms twice before but nothing i'd done previously could prepare me for what happened.

  • NIN and Shrooms :)
    My friends and I went camping a few months ago.

  • first time by myself
    this is my second time doing mush.

  • first trip-damn fun!
    it was my first time shrooming, after a lot of research on them on this fantastic website.

  • My first trip
    My first trip happened about three months ago, when I was on my way home.

  • My First Trip!!
    It was another $hitty night sittin' around doin' nothin when I got a call from one of my friends.

  • Hot summer night
    I am writing this about 8 hours after my first mushie experience.

  • mind expansion: 101
    The night started out simple enough; I went over to my friend jason's house after school to drink some beer.

  • first impressions
    i first did shrooms during August of '99.

  • subway
    an almost unremarkable trip.

  • Chunky Peanutbutter
    July of 99 was my first experience with shrooms.

  • First Time,ever

  • Bus From Hell
    Before note: I’m really sorry this is so long.

  • Just a first time :)
    My First Trip I've always wanted to do mushrooms because some of the effects sound really cool, and well, my body doesent have much tolerance versus alcohol.

  • Crazy Amsterdam...
    Well, there is no better place for a first mushroom trip than the beautiful city of Amsterdam.

  • Third Eye
    On December 12 1999 Sunday.

  • unfinished
    I'm smoking a reefer without breaking any laws, Amsterdam is a wonderful place.

  • mY TrIp
    Well, I did shrooms for my first time.

  • Couldent think
    Before last night I had done mushrooms many many times and have never experienced anything like this.

  • The kitchen people
    I heard the following story on a N'sync tape I played backwards: "Are you sure you want to eat those?

  • the 48 hour trip
    It was a cold and dreary november day and i just started to rake in profits from my mushroom dealing venture.

  • Late Nite Flip
    So it was january.

  • Coast-toCoast II
    This report is about the second shroom trip I took during my 200 mile walk across England.

  • Coast-to-Coast
    This is about a shroom trip I took while walking across northern England in the spring of 1999.

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