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seven hour bus ride in panama

am not gonna do a full report but more like put down some pointers about my experience with shrooms.

am not gonna do a full report but more like put down some pointers about my experience with shrooms...

i realized that when on shrooms i am very scared of strangers, i feel like they are all bad intentions.
the hardest time i tripped was with a buddie of mine. we took the shroom slushie, am not sure of the dose but like a level 3.. well we took them and then after we were suposto get on a bus to go to chiriqui a place in panama in central america. its like a 7 hour bus ride. anyways we took them and then we realized we had to wait about an hour for the bus to leave. So this bus station is connected to a mall. we started trippin walking around, there was so many people there... i was swimming in an infinite sea of voices. We finally sat down and we were just waiting, in my head i kept asking myself what we were doing... and asnwering over and over again... just waiting, i was about to go insane. i put on some music and tried to relax, it helped... everytime i tried to talk to my buddie i didnt make any sense.

i felt that my voice had an echo and i couldnt finish my sentences. finally he went to check on the bus and it was about to leave so we to go catch it. i stood up and i looked a this woman across this glass window and for some reason i asked myself if that person was me... so strange... i was thinking i was about to break out total bad trip.. when we finally sat down on the bus...i felt instantly relieved! we probably trippin for like 5 hours. I had so much fun, all the lights... there was on point i was looking forward and i could tell which way the bus was going... then the walk to the bathroom... i started at the mirror and laughed like a madman, i dont know why, but it was the best feeling ever.
i also felt very bouncy, we laughed non stop for hours, i dont think i been the same ever since. well sorry i went on and on, but that was quite an experience for me.

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