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Sept 26, 2001

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I really need not discuss what I saw or how I felt. I'm not even sure if I have words to describe it all even. It was intense, phenomenal, and beautiful. Last wednesday, I tripped for the very first time. One moment I'd like to share, that in a way, sums up how I felt on that night. My friends and I were taken to an open park at 3 in the morning.
I was just peaking, and my visuals were amazing, and I was experiencing so much so quickly. I looked up at the stars as a helicoptor passed over us. The noise was fading in and out slowly in my ears, and the lights streaked across the sky like a creeping comet of different intensities of white and red. Right then.. and there.. I understood Pink Floyd. It wasn't like I had to think about it, it didn't take longer than a split second. I simply understood.

The day after was rough to say the least, but I managed. Hell, I'm managing even know. It seems as if the world won't ever be the same again.In retrospect, I don't regret any of it. But I do wish I'd read your website in advance. But I suppose trying it blind made it a truly innocent and raw experience.
Will I do it again? Maybe. Will I remember it forever? Most definetly.
Keep on truckin all you trippers. Thanks for the welcome.

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