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Senior Trip

Our school travels to Washington D.

Our school travels to Washington D.C. and New York every spring for what is known as our annual senior trip. Not only was it our senior trip but we made it a special trip by dosing magic mushrooms before attending the Broadway play Cats. Myself and two friends split an 1/8 in the bathroom of restaurant and then met back up with our senior class and advisers. Everyone had to take a breath test given by the principal before entering the play. I was rather nervous because I was starting to feel fucked up by this time. I knew that my eyes were probably dialated and i was kind of nervous. The play was rather stupid, but watching it on magic mushrooms made it much better. The pussy cats made me think of sex and I had the urge to play backdoor tag with some of the hot girls in my class. Overall it was an excellent trip with many visuals and the fact that we did it under such cicumstances made it even better!!!

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