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Second Trip

Ah, my second time!

Ah, my second time! My first time, I had 1/8 of an ounce and I tripped balls for about 6 hours - to the point where I wanted to come down from the high but couldn't (instead I lay in bed laughing for about 2 hours).

Anyway, my second time:

Some kids in the apartment were trying Shroom Tea, a supposedly better way to experience shrooms, so T-Dawg and I decided to have our own around 5 PM on a Sunday. This time, instead of eating 1/8 each, we split 1/8 to make tea. We added some raspberry flavor for taste and ate the remnants of the shrooms after drinking the tea. Supposedly if you just drink the tea, the effects are a lot milder and you don't trip out as hard, but we didn't want to waste our 10 bucks, so we ate the remnants as well.

First off, let me tell you that tea is the way to go when using shrooms; you don't have to deal with the awkward pumpkin-seed flavor, you can get the same effects from using less, and the effect is much more clear.

On to the actual trip - we started out just kickin' it and smoking some weed out of a bong (which I think helps the shroom experience a lot). I started to see some sweet patterns on the walls (there's a projector in the apartment, so we always play video games on the wall). Then T-Dawg and I rolled a fat blunt and went outside to smoke it. Let me also say that being outside is SO much better than being inside whilst on shrooms. I kept saying to T-Dawg, "Dude, look at the clouds, they're like the apocolypse man, the apocolypse... this is apocolypse weather if you ask me." Anyway, the colors of the clouds were crazy and I kept thinking they were making weird swirling patters and stuff. Anyway, T-Dawg just kept telling me to shut up.

After just tripping out listening to music for a while, we started a big game of Super Smash Bros. (the original, baby). My friend E-Dawg wasn't on shrooms, so he was sober. Three of us were playing and it was a free-for-all battle. I kept yelling to E-Dawg, "Let's owninate on PICACHU, LET'S OWNINATE ON PICACHU!" while at the same time just attacking E-Dawg, who wasn't picachu. Picachu was another kid in the room. I thought it was funny.

Then I got in bed and was talking to T-Dawg who was on the other side of the room, just talking about how we would give people the "Care Face" the next day (for those who don't get it, you say "Care Face" to somebody when they're talking about something that you don't care about)... Then I whacked off and went to sleep.

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