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Level 1

This level produces a mild "stoning" effect, with some visual enhancement (i.e. brighter colours, etcetera). Some short term memory anomalies. Left/right brain communication changes causing music to sound "wider".


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  • Smoking Cubensis

  • Super Shroom 64
    Shroomers of america!

  • The Creek
    It was me and my friend, Chancey.

  • The Fourth Of July
    In the small Alaskan town where I live, the Fourth of July is a really big deal.

  • The Sky
    well, it was to be my first time trying 'shrooms, but as the months passed i have experienced them again and again.

  • third trip
    Well this was my third trip on mushrooms.

  • trippin at the mixer
    This was my first time tripping, i grew the mushies my self using the PF tek method (works great)well anyway, i was going to a mixer (dance with a lot of people) i had told my friend that i may go to experiment with my first harvest, i was sooo anxious to try them,she told me not to do them because there would be alot supervision there,but i did them behind her back(i hope she still isnt pissed at me)it took forever, thought nothing was gonna happen, then it hit me very slowly the lights in the gym were pulsing faces were trailing slightly it was dark in the gym so i went out into the hall way where there was alot of oight it was sooooo much cooler in the hall more visuals were present i told my friend that i had eaten the mushies, just incase i had a bad reaction then she was pissed but she got over it.

  • True Warnings
    ive(roy) been doing shrooms for a few months now, every weekend id go to mih friend's howse(tim) and wed crash cuz his mom worked on business trips all weekend, so we'd pull out the martini makings and tonic and start our trips.

  • Typing While Trippin
    Me and a few of my friends dosed for the first time recently.

  • Universal Knowledge
    My friend was growing shrooms in his room, and one night I was over there and it was time to sample the goods.

  • Vividly Yours
    I was in Amsterdam a few weeks ago with some mates and decided to try some mushrooms.

  • Wavin' walls...
    Well, I'd been really interested in trying hallucinogens for quite a while, and finally got my chance about four weeks ago.

  • Wrong Way To Hell
    Yesterday my friend,James and I was bored so we decided to get some shrooms.

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