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School Trip


Well...friend was supposed to get me shrooms and after 2 long days of waiting i got 'em...i was kinda impatient cuz my last psycadelic experience was like 4 months..anyways..i saw him in the hallway, i got em (they were BC Blue Caps, 2 grams) and ate em...this was around 10:00 am

10:30 first signs of them taking effect, my head starting buzzing...10:50 the wooden walls were begining to look differently..also i noticed my hands had sunk into the desk...i decided to leave class...i snuck (stumbled) out of the portable and lucky for me i saw my friend and he had a joint with him...we went and burned...(for sum reason the effect had worn off outside...this happened to me b4.. i guess it was the cold ( -1 Celcius or whatever) anywayz as i was walking to my next period the side of my skool building wall was "drooping" down on me...i started laffing like i was crazy and laffing at evryone that passed by me...the hallway lights were brighter...u know the usual stuff...in class (it was computer class by the way) i noticed that the words were going off the screen and into thin air...it was crazy...i looked down at my hands and every little hair on my hand was full of life...they were moving, and u know..having a good time and shit...i dunno i cant explain it...i went over to a friend and starting talking nonsence to him...i then saw that his eyebrow was moving around and shit...i starting laffing...the teacher told me to get back to my computer so i did...i took out a sheet of paper and it started breathing...i really couldnt write on it cuz it felt too funny but whenever i did i felt that i was hurting it..so i ended up not writing on it at all...i looked at my hands and they fully melted into the desk...i couldnt really get em out...class finished...i was still tripping...as soon as i got out for lunch break the high vanished...again i think it was the cold..i guess it has a bad effect on my trip...anyways when lunch was over i went back to class...thought a lot listened to jefferson airplane and just relaxed till it was over...

that was so far the most intense mushroom trip i had so far...

good stuff these mushrooms...good for thinking


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