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School parking lot trip.

I hesitate to rank my trip relative to some of the others peoples stories around here so I'm just gonna say level 2 and hope thats about right.

I hesitate to rank my trip relative to some of the others peoples stories around here so I'm just gonna say level 2 and hope thats about right. As an aside, people here are ridiculous and I love to get stoned and just chill and read about other peoples good times; just inspires you to experiment. While basically, after a hockey game when I was 19, a couple of my druggie buddies and I split .5 grams of caps. We just had them with Reese's peanut butter cups and dark rum so they went down alright. We were just kinda chilling out because it was a beautiful summer night. (it was summer hockey.) While we were waiting for the shrooms to settle in, (we were all pretty regular smokers but not trippers so we rolled one up and listened to some Biggie in my buddies convertible mustang. Now I'm not a big Biggie fan, usually I'm into Ben Harper, Elliot Smith and Jack Johnson chill music but I fill its important to get into a groove before a trip as to influence my mood. Chill music can turns trips melancholy to quickly, which in my opinion isn't ideal. So anyways, we listen to some rap Dre and Tribe called quest while we waited for the effects. While after we finished the joint, we decide to go for a drive down to the lake to enjoy the sunset and hopefully the aftermath.

As soon as the engine raved my trip completely took over. I felt like I was an extension of the processes of the engine, like the whole car was flowing through me. The movements of the driver (i wasn't driving) were almost an afterthought to my own methods. It was like I was driving him as opposed to the car, not vice versa. The interesting thing was that this was happening almost as an afterthought. I was carrying on a conversation the whole thing and smoking a cigarette but it felt as though my sub conscious was in complete control of my surroundings. While we get to the lake and park, bring out our cooler and stroll to a sweet spot we have. It's kinda private and its against this break wall so it's so chill, many a night. While we settle in and as we are walking over, the sand keeps swallowing my feet. It felt like I was walking through what I can best describe as floating goo. I was meandering along enjoying the slowing feeling with such focus on maintaining my balance. I swear it took 20 minutes to move 20 feet. While I finally got home and sat and watch the tide come in and the colors as everyone knows were just amazing. I saw fluorescence lighting all over the breaks and the sand was picking up the most amazing prisms of colour. I was completely unaware of myself and lost in the sand, space and time. It was so beautiful because there was an absolute loss of self and a complete reconciliation with nature. Unfortunately when the sun set, I became scared because I suddenly felt surrounded by the darkness. It was bad but we lite a fire and my girlfriend showed up who wasn't tripping so it was a nice comfort mechanism. Since this had taken about 4 hours, i felt like coming off on the high so we decided to go back to my place for a hot tub. I kinda lost track of the rest of the night but I remember the hot tub, great body buzz. Anyways, I highly recommend shrooms, just set your night up properly and take them early so if you trip crazy, the time makes more sense.

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